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I believe my heart is generous and wide, it can welcome many biases :D

Only men of course XD I do have girl bias but I prefer so much making sets with men XD

3 categories yes, I like different types lol

IDOL LAND (obviously they're idols)
#Seungri haha he's the bias king :D
#JHyo hello new one, I need at least one from LC9, right?
#Chen is just... I still can't understand why I didn't notice him first before Tao?!
#Kyungsoo / D.O having nearly the same birthday it makes me like him (sutpid reason I know) and also he has super crazy expressions with his round eyes lol
#Tao and his innocent girl feelings XD
#SeungHoon I can't wait for Winner to debut! Because I loooove his voice <3

IN BETWEEN (yep, idol but from underground)
#Suga my most important crush in 2014, the heir of Seungri lol
#Changwoo from TROY, he's manly, do I need to add more?
#Kanto from TROY too, he can easily be the rival of Suga~

THUG LAND (this is the underground, wow!)
#DoubleK I know he's a bit old among all those young people but his rap is just fabulous and love his face too :D
#JayPark he's a legend <3 I love smart and talented people!
#SimonD you better release soon new music! Anyway love how he can rap and sing!
#Gray latest crush, he always produce music and I don't know, every song is do is brilliant!!
#ZionT he's probably the king of thug land <3 he has his own world and just care about his music!
#Crush latest crush too lol guys you have to listen to his song "Hug Me" feat. Gaeko... sorry Taeyang I already find my new jam <3
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