I believe my heart is generous and wide, it can welcome many biases :D

Only men of course XD I do have girl bias but I prefer so much making sets with men XD

3 categories yes, I like different types lol

IDOL LAND (obviously they're idols)
#Seungri haha he's the bias king :D
#JHyo hello new one, I need at least one from LC9, right?
#Chen is just... I still can't understand why I didn't notice him first before Tao?!
#Kyungsoo / D.O having nearly the same birthday it makes me like him (sutpid reason I know) and also he has super crazy expressions with his round eyes lol
#Tao and his innocent girl feelings XD
#SeungHoon I can't wait for Winner to debut! Because I loooove his voice <3

IN BETWEEN (yep, idol but from underground)
#Suga my most important crush in 2014, the heir of Seungri lol
#Changwoo from TROY, he's manly, do I need to add more?
#Kanto from TROY too, he can easily be the rival of Suga~

THUG LAND (this is the underground, wow!)
#DoubleK I know he's a bit old among all those young people but his rap is just fabulous and love his face too :D
#JayPark he's a legend <3 I love smart and talented people!
#SimonD you better release soon new music! Anyway love how he can rap and sing!
#Gray latest crush, he always produce music and I don't know, every song is do is brilliant!!
#ZionT he's probably the king of thug land <3 he has his own world and just care about his music!
#Crush latest crush too lol guys you have to listen to his song "Hug Me" feat. Gaeko... sorry Taeyang I already find my new jam <3
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Wrote two years ago
On spot as always. :)

Wrote two years ago
Sorry I missed this from weeks ago!! Amazing bias list, awesome layout too. More than that you have very grand knowledge of the idols and legends of Korean music. I feel like you are the zen master and I am a grasshopper!! haha!!~~

Wrote two years ago
Fabulous layout and cool styling! Red makes rhytm to this set! :)

Wrote two years ago
Wow tu en a pas mal des bias ! haha :)
Moi aussi je veux les voir les Winner !




Welcome to a group for all Polyvorians who love modern, futuristic, experimental or innovative design.

Asian inspired and melody

Asian inspired and melody

Welcome to the Asian Inspired and melody group
where you can find the inspiration of Asia.
if you interests in an Asia Countries,Asian Cultures,Asian Stars,Asian Models,Asian Film,Asian T.V. Series and Asian Music such as K-pop,J-pop,C-pop etc.
here is the right place to join this group.
welcome all of you to share your interests and Asian inspired set together.
Thank you so much to join and have fun.
Winning set collection Vol.1: http://www.polyvore.com/winning_in_asian_inspired_melody/collection?id=749995
Winning set collection Vol.2: http://www.polyvore.com/winning_sets_in_asian_inspired/collection?id=1030461
Winning sets collection Vol.3:



If you're a fangirl (or fanboy!), this club is for you. >:D
You can be a fangirl/boy about:
Video Games

Alternative / Concept / Street Style

Alternative / Concept / Street Style

A group for anything can be called "alternative fashion".
Interesting themes, various concepts & many contests!
For any ideas feel free to message me.
- Fashion sets - Collages - Artwork - Dolls - Interior -
*NOTE: Plz try to avoid scattered sets. Be creative.*
Created: 2013 #
*My other groups:
-Film Adaptations & Concepts: http://www.polyvore.com/film_adaptations/group.show?id=164728
-Wedding Day Style: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=189575
-Decor & Design: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=196137
-Collage Creations: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=189614
Tnx everyone for joining my ideas & supporting me all this time!
# Anna #


A-Z: B is for Bias List

A-Z: B is for Bias List

38 sets from 20 members. Ended two years ago.
Create a Set that consists of your Bias list. So Your ultimate Bias, Female Bias, etc. you can use one person in the set(ie. Ultimate Bias) or you can add as many as you want. As many Bias' as you have <3
1 week, 6 winners, no limit, have Fun!!

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