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Maryssa Castle; SP

{the girl}

Name: Maryssa 'Mary' Belle Castle
Age: 21
Personality: confident, competetive, classy, stubborn
Likes: things to be perfect, dresses, being the leader, celebrity gossip, classy things
Dislikes: people who don't take things seriously, losing, superheroes, not having control
Bio: Maryssa--or Mary, as she typically goes by--is the epitome of a quintessential sorority girl. She
is a born and bread leader with a passion for organizing, planning, perfecting, and being in control. From her preppy wardrobe with typical colorful designers down to her ability to be involved in every possible event within Kappa Xi, Mary is making sure she leaves her mark at UC San Diego.
Mary was born and raised in Palm Beach, Florida, and spent her summers in Nantucket with her cheerleading coach mother and her businessman father. She only expects the best from herself, and naturally from everyone around her. Mary wants her life to be perfect in every possible way: the highest popularity, the most gorgeous frat boyfriend, good grades, and a social life that anyone would die for. But Mary's drive for maintaining perfection is taking a toll on her. She's edgy and easily annoyed and can't seem to keep everything under her control. Basically, with these activities on her plate, she can't seem to juggle all of them. And her parents aren't much help, either. Mary's mother and grandmother were both Kappa Xi's, and want Mary to follow in their footsteps.
Mary is entering her last year of college, hopefully graduating with a major in english and a bountiful amount of job offers due to her extracurricular activities. In the small amount of spare time that she acquires, Mary is usually working at Benefit Cosmetics counter at Macy's, gleefully helping people look and feel their best. Mary has many friends at UC San Diego, and the majority of them are from Kappa Xi (she doesn't usually talk to other non-Kappa sorority girls). Her best friend is her right-hand woman, Carmen Wilson, and when the two get together, there's no stopping them. It's the only time Mary feels relaxed and carefree. Mary also is on and off dating the head of the frat, Derek Greene. They have had a tumultuous past, at best, but despite all their fights and arguments, they still love each other. Around school, Mary is known as the overachiever with a lot of sorority spirit--and just school spirit in general. She's bubbly and lively and brainless at times. She'll recruit anyone to join Kappa Xi if she can, and she's not afraid to draw a little attention to herself if it means success in her future. Mary loves wearing bright colors, and almost exclusively totes around that preppy look that's rather uncommon on the west coast. But alas, Mary doesn't care. 
Sorority: Kappa Xi (president)
Why they are in the sorority: She's a third generation legacy of Kappa Xi.

- - - -

{the family}

michele clintock-castle, 49
cheerleading coach / stay-at-home mom / kappa xi sister
(julie bowen)

bryan castle, 50
business man for a fortune500 company
(christian bale)

- - - -

{the family}

derek greene, 21
president of (insert fraternity name here)
(ian somerhalder)

- - - -

{five facts}

1. mary loves crafting. especially if it involves anything with glitter. she can whip up some pretty amazing paddles, t-shirts, and all the decorations for bid day.

2. when she's drunk, she's incredibly hilarious. she'll definitely be the life of the party, that is if she goes. lately she prefers staying in and studying or planning activities.

3. everyone thinks mary will end up marrying a kennedy. it's bound to happen, because her standards are so high...and only a kennedy can afford her lifestyle.

4. unless mary marries derek, because their chemistry is so totally obvious. they're the power-couple who rule the greek community.

5. when mary is pissed off, she can be the biitchiest girl ever. watch your back, because with so much power like she has, she can definitely do some damage.

- - - -

Hey everyone. The name's Maryssa, but I prefer Mary. I'm this year's president of Kappa Xi and you'll probably see me all over campus. Interested in knowing more about me? Well then just ask!

xx Mary

PS: ΚΞ Love!
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