Billie Piper by Damon Baker
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  • Elle Sweden Editorial March 2015 Flower Power by Viktor Flume
    Elle Sweden Editorial March 2015 - Flower Power by Viktor Flume - 3/12/2015
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    This blog is dedicated to the beautiful and talented actress Chloe Grace Moretz
  • Amazing Eye Art (Photo Manipulation)
    Photography is one of the art that helps you to freeze the moment to see it and get the most ide...
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  • Juicy Couture Holiday 2012 Collection
    Juicy Couture Holiday 2012 Collection
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  • Aw, Snowbabies! Check Out the Poster for the New Frozen Fever Short
    Anna, Elsa, Olaf and lots of mini snowmen are up to all new mischief. See the artwork here!
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  • Ulla Looks Retro Chic for Jeff Tse
    Retro Beauty - Ulla (S Models) poses for a beautiful series of photos by Jeff Tse. Makeup artist Dominique Samuel and hair stylist Bradley Irion creat
  • Lily James ‘Cinderella’ Disneyland Resort Screening
    Lily James in Elie Saab Couture
  • Lula Editorial Give a Little Love, Issue 6 Shot #2
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  • Lily James ‘Cinderella’ Disneyland Resort Screening
    Lily James in Elie Saab Couture
  • N E O N winter
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  • Watch Taylor Swift's Dreamy 'Style' Music Video Here
    Taylor Swift and a new video boyfriend are perfectly in style in her latest music video.
  • Anna Selezneva Gets Dreamy for Calliope's Spring 2013 Campaign
    Summer Beauty - Anna Selezneva enchants in Key Biscayne, Florida, for the spring 2013 campaign from Italian brand Calliope. The leading model wears casual
  • Frida Gustavsson Fronts Tiger of Sweden's Spring 2013 Campaign
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  • Taylor Swift by Matt Irwin for Lucky December/January 2014/2015
    Taylor Swift stars as a cover girl for the December/January 2014/2015 edition of Lucky magazine, photographed by Matt Irwin with styling by Kate Young. o I put down the cat? This is the question that swirls in my head as I stand in Taylor Swift's kitchen with her four-month-old Scottish Fold kitten, Olivia Benson, nestled in my forearm. I find myself in this situation no more than five minutes after walking in the door to her downtown Nashville duplex apartment, and the flurry of activity around me is both amazing and paralyzing. While I'm idling, Swift is expertly unpacking the numerous takeout cartons of dinner that have just arrived from local grill J. Alexander's. The only proper, mannered thing to do would be to help her move the food (Fish tacos! Barbecued salmon! Breaded trout! Dill salmon! Caesar salads! Enough to feed a family of eight!) to the large antique wooden dining table. Or put out the plates. Or grab napkins. Something. But I've got a famous and unbelievably delicate creature snuggled into the crook of my elbow, and it feels like prematurely ending the bonding moment is also, somehow, impolite. It’s a can't-win. After three minutes of indecision, I gently deposit wee Olivia onto the pillow-laden couch, wash up and fold some paper towels into napkins to at least appear part of the meal that’s taking shape. Swift is wearing a matching dark floral top and shorts from Aqua and pointy nude flats. Her shoulder-length hair is wavy and loose, her nails are bare and her eyes reveal just a hint of shadow. "When I’m not working, a lot of the time I just put on tinted moisturizer and mascara," she says, before giving me the ultimate girl-to-girl compliment: "And today I put on eyeshadow for you." As a hostess, she's a natural. It's as if whatever it took to get me through her front door was a good-enough background check. (Obviously, as she’s the kind of person who’ll offer her cat without reservation.) Olivia Benson, whom Swift affectionately calls Dibbles, is everything Swift’s Instagram will have you believe. "If Olivia were a person," Swift later says, "she'd come in and hug you and say, with a shrug of her shoulders, 'Sorry … I’m a hugger.'" Meredith, her two-year-old Scottish Fold, is here too. But her personality is more reserved. She keeps her distance. Olivia worships her owner, following the singer around as she gives a tour of her apartment, pressing her face against the glass window when we walk out on the balcony and, most adorably, sticking her head through a second-floor railing when Swift and I are sitting in the golden birdcage suspended over the living room. Oh, I haven't mentioned the golden birdcage yet? Well, really, I should probably take a step back and tell you about the koi pond. In the middle of Swift’s living room is a sizable stone-edged pond with a trickling fountain that gives the whole apartment a relaxed, spa-like feel. (The Bon Iver music playing in the background only intensifies that dreamy feeling.) Thirteen koi of different sizes live in this pond. Above a section of the water is a clear glass platform from which a wrought-iron spiral staircase ascends, leading to a gilded human-size birdcage, which is, of course, filled with soft pillows in rich jewel tones. That these features fit right in with the rest of the apartment is a testament to the specificity and aesthetic cohesiveness of the design. Every inch of the place is covered with some color, texture, photograph or finish. Everything. In Swift’s words, it's "a cozy lair." She bought it when she was 18 and renovated for two years. She says she dreamed it all up, from the barn wood floors to the Tibetan clouds painted on the ceiling. As we sit in the birdcage, she proudly points up to a tiny nozzle: "Look, it even has a sprinkler in case it catches on fire. Everything to regulation!" The photos on the walls are mostly from 2010, when she was just finishing renovations. They feel almost like the candids you'd see in a high school yearbook — smiley group shots with her friends and live-performance photos. The year 2010 feels li
  • Dark Blonde Hair Tumblr Uaiqb Long Hairstyle ideas
    Blonde Wavy Hair Tumblr Rebecca For Hair : Dark Blonde Hair Tumblr Uaiqb.. ]

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