I just remembered I'm visiting family in Vegas in like a week and a half my mood just skyrocketed wow 

I've never been 

Have any of you ? Do you like it, etc? What fun and exciting things are there to do for someone who's almost 21 but not 21 ? (tragic)
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Wrote 4 years ago
vegas is fabulous fabulous we went to go see the beatles LOVE cirque du soleil and it was amazing i don't know if they're still in town but we also went to the wax museum, and shopping, and the dining is exquisite as is the eiffel tower and just walking around at night.


we watch the world around us with glittering eyes.

we watch the world around us with glittering eyes.

the girls who love talking in british accents about nothing in particular, laughing hysterically at themselves because they CAN. the girls who will scarf down a cupcake- the whole damn thing, frosting and all, without worrying about the calories. the girls who make 11:11 wishes, again and again, praying and hoping that they might just possibly come true, that one in a million chance. the girls who don’t worry about being perfect, because they know that being perfect is so overrated and they would much rather be themselves. the girls who dare to have dreams, dreams so out of this world they can’t help but be extraordinary. and here’s to the girls who have the guts to go for what they want and make their dreams a reality, living their lives to the absolute fullest.
yes, my dears. here’s to you.
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The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

The Greatest People You Will Ever Meet

So this is the official group. I will leave the other one up as an audition group in the case that we add more members down the road.
The icon and name are temporary. We'll decide on the name as a group, kk?
Same rules and general info apply as before:
♦ The group should be between 10-15 people. Anything larger than that would probably cause madness.
♦ How it will work:
-I'll make each person a mod, so we can chat through announcements.
-We will also hold tinychats [maybe once a week/month?]
♦ We will help each other by:
-faving and commenting sets
-assisting in model searches [for rps or just general knowledge]
-fashion advice
-gushing over crushes together
-movie/book/music suggestions
-talk about obsessions [i.e.- The Hunger Games, Sherlock, even One Direction.]
-picture clipping
-just providing a listening ear
♦ Hating of any sort is not allowed. Cyber bullying is a no-no.
Member list [no particular order]
-Angie [etchasketchinlola] 23 | NYC
-Farah [wakeupfarah] 19 | NYC
-Isabel [withacherryontop] 15 | NorCal
-Maria [mariajane] 19 | New Orleans, LA
-Vy [hautedamn] 16 | Los Angeles, CA
-Marisa [the-importance-of-being] 21 | New York
-Emily [emmylou] 16 | SoCal
-Danielle [suchawasteofayoungheart] 20 | London/California
-Nikki [nifty-nikki] 17 | NorCal
-Naomi [thatporcelaindoll] 15 | NYC
wata-h.tumblr.com & v-elvetdusk.tumblr.com
-Kira [luvbug44072] 14 | Queensland, Australia
-Hannah Grace [hannah-grace] 19 | USA
-Ara [the-wild-things] 20 | Seattle, WA
-Aly [alycat] 22 | ACT, Australia
-Emma [m00n-child] 17 | New England
-Taylor [luxecouture] 18 | USA
-Ella [istylista] 15 | NorCal
-Cori [coriiiii] 19 | Maryland

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