Name: Cynthia Ella Ames
Age: 23
Based on: Cinderella
Believer or non-believer: Non-believer
Likes: working hard, her father, her job, loyalty, apple cider, concerts, antiquing, knitting, expensive shoes
Dislikes: gold diggers, Ana, Dru, Lara, creepy guys, entitlement, relationships
Occupation: Recent graduate of Harvard Law School – junior associate at Halcyon Law.
Personality: Determined, hardworking, slightly bitter.
Bio: If anyone was going to end up working hard all of her life, it was Cyn. Born to a wealthy father who owned a successful company and a down-to-earth mother who died shortly after giving birth to Cyn, she was convinced she was always going to be daddy’s little girl. That was until Tuck remarried Lara and along with her came Ana and Dru, Cyn’s stepsisters. Cyn grew up by herself, her stepmother and sisters having completely ignored her. She wanted to know what happened to the strong, confident man that was her father and why he was being manipulated by Lara and her girls. After receiving a full ride to Harvard and working her way through school, she’s finally a lawyer and out on her own away from the abuse of her family. She’s closed off and determined, but does that mean there still isn’t a girl looking for her own fairytale somewhere deep down?
Relationship status: Single, doesn’t have time for a relationship.
Model: Kate Upton
Taken by: @vogueapparel

Based on Prince Charming
Tyler Hoechlin
Single and looking (due to pressure from his family)
About to take over his father's company - Halcyon Inc.

Based on Jaq the Mouse
Brad Goreski
Single, but not looking
Interior Designer


I’m Cyn. I work at Halcyon Law in town.
Let’s go out for lunch sometime.

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Wrote 4 years ago That sounds intimidating, to say the least.
Anyways, I'm Isabelle but please call me Elle. It's lovely to meet you! -- Elle

Wrote 4 years ago
@mathemmatics - Coffee sounds great, Rory.
@ingrid - Nice to meet you too!
@buds-over-studs - Let's make plans sometime this week!
@vikkirose - [Friends]. Always good to see you, Ariel.
- Cyn

Wrote 4 years ago
Hey Cynthia, nice to see you again :)

Wrote 4 years ago
Hi, I'm Larraine. Lunch sounds fantastic.

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