Bird is the Word: Cool Houses

Not all houses are created equal! Give your avian friends the B&B treatment with these unique hanging birdhouses, starting at $20. Which will you be hanging outside?
  • Suck UK Sylvester Bird House-1.4 pounds
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    Sylvester Bird House. Measures 5.91 x 6.97 x 5.5 inches. Weight: 1.39lb.
  • Sophie Conran for Burgon & Ball Sophie Conran Bird Nesting House
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    Create a wildlife haven in your garden. Wildlife is not only beautiful, but it is vital to the health of every garden. With a little encouragement you can tempt the little visitors that offer gardeners a special helping hand by adding a bird nesting box. There is nothing more fabulous than watching a pair of birds move in and start a family. Simply hang this bird nesting house up, ideally a couple of metres off the ground and wait for the new inhabitants to arrive. Each box has a 32mm opening which suits a wide variety of garden birds. Made from FSC wood with a removable inner section for annual cleaning, each nest also has drainage holes. A beautiful and stylish addition to any garden.
  • Kelly Lamb Geo-Birdhouse
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    A contemporary approach to birdhouse design, Kelly Lamb's ceramic Geo-Birdhouse references the experimental architecture and theory of Buckminster Fuller, adding a touch of contemporary architecture to any outdoor space. Based off of the design of his "Bucky-Balls," the rounded shape is made possible by a number of triangles that are carefully designed to fit together to perfectly form an ideal nesting place for small birds. An easy access door allows for simple cleaning so you can freshen the birdhouse at the start of each season.
  • Acorn Birdhouse
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    From little acorns mighty oaks do grow... and with large acorns, lovely songbirds do show! Handcrafted in North Carolina, this sturdy acorn birdhouse provides a sturdy habitat the birds will go nuts for! Each birdhouse is made with durable 1-inch-thick natural poplar wood with stained top and semi-gloss finish. Does not open, but is easily cleaned annually by removing nesting contents with a wire or similar. Includes 1-3/8" opening, a drainage hole, and 6" metal chain hanger.
  • Dave Vissat Mockingbird Birdhouse
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    Since birds haven't shown much appreciation for literature, this imaginative birdhouse will do much better decorating the inside of your house than serving as theirs. Designer Dave Vissat stumbled upon this idea when he was making a birdhouse for his mother. He ran out of wood, so he resorted to using an old book as a roof. Then he began incorporating interesting text and illustrations as well. Now, Vissat searches and scavenges flea markets and libraries for discarded and vintage books, then he scans the cover, makes a print and affixes it to the exterior of the house. This ornamental wooden house use a book and imagery from classical and popular literature to capture a past era in American culture. The classic To Kill A Mockingbird house, features a twig perch, Gregory Peck movie poster and excerpts of the story as siding. Made in Pennsylvania. For indoor use only. Made from: paper, wood. Measurements: 8" L x 8.5" W x 8.25" H.
  • Recycled Birdhouse
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    A hand woven birdhouse made of recycled wrappers, made in Nepal to benefit Himalayan healthcare, 5x8"H.
  • Lynda and Jerry Glass Weathered Shed Birdhouse
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    Made from: Recycled wood, glue, cypress wood, nails, galvanized metal. Measurements: 6" L x 8" w x 12.5" h; Hole: 1.25" Dia.
  • Umbra - Bird Café
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    Birds feel good and comfortable in here: The Bird Café feeder by Umbra offers enough space for enough food, and all of it in a homely atmosphere. The Bird Café has the shape of a modern house. The edged appearance is advantageous for many birds: This offers a lot of space for food in the Umbra Bird Café and the removable top makes it possible to refill it fast an easy. It is also easy to see how much food there is still in the house through the big windows. Umbra also thought about equipping the Bird Café with a rain pipe. The feeder can be hanged or placed on a table or the ground.
  • Rosso's International Ruby Eco Egg Bamboo Birdhouse
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    Birdhouse. Egg shaped. Includes ventilation and drainage holes. Provides excellent insulation for the birds. Inside steps facilitate fLEDglings to step out when ready to leave the nest. Easy cleaning by removing two screws. 100% natural. Biodegradable. Made of bamboo fibers, natural binding agents and vegetable color powder. 1.5" entrance hole. Imported- China.
  • Qui est Paul ? Picto Nichoir
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    A design birdhouse ! We love its funny style. In detail: Type : Nest box. Colour : Purple. Material : Polyethylen HD. Dimensions : W 25 cm x D 20 cm x H 28,5 cm. Characteristics : Hanging cable non included.
  • Tree Fern Birdhouse
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    This natural nesting environment for small birds blends seamlessly into a wooded landscape. A fern-like pattern on this wooden house is favored by North American finches. Tree fern tube, jute rope. Hanging rope: 8.75"L. Imported. 4.5"H, 9"L, 3.75"D.
  • Mission Birdhouse
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    Artist Stephen Fabrico constructs the dignified Mission Birdhouse in porcelain clay with a wonderful combination of nature-inspired glaze colors of brown, gold, blue and teal. With a 1.1" opening, twig perch, large protective overhangs, drainage holes, a removable cork (for easy annual cleanings), and a reinforced steel cable hanger, the birdhouse is as functional as it is beautiful. In addition, each side of the birdhouse showcases a wonderful etched leaf design. Individually handcrafted in New York and signed by the artist. The pottery birdhouse is safe for year-round use in temperate climates, but should come inside during winter months in areas that experience low freezing temperatures.
  • Eva Solo - Bird Box
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    "If I was a bird..." With the Bird Box the Danish manufacturer Eva Solo offers an innovative nesting helo for the birds. The corpus of the attractive house for the feathered family is made of high qulaity, white glased porcelain. Because of the surface, the sun-rays are reflected, through which the new blood is protected from overheating on hot summer days. The roof and the entry-hole are made of weather proof plastic. Four changeable entry-hole sizes are including in the delivery. With that you can decide which kind of birds can live in your garden. In the inside of the nesting box are also a ladder with which the babies can easily move out of the Bird Box. The Bird Box by Eva Solo cam because of the used materials easily cleaned, so that it can be used every year for a new bid family. the surface structure and entry-holes make it impossible for the predators to get into the the Bird Box. The nesting box can be mounted on trees and poles.
  • Hanging Anemone and Cream Wren Birdhouse
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    A fully functional birdhouse designed especially to house wrens. With a western red cedar shingle roof and decorated with an anemone floral design and cream background. This adorable birdhouse can be hung on its sturdy brass chain or fixed to a fence post with its pre-installed keyhole hardware. The slide-out bottom panel can be removed for easy yearly cleaning. Exterior grade ply-board. Hand-painted non-toxic cream finish and anemone floral design. 6 1/4" high. 8 1/4" wide. 6 1/2" deep.
  • Strawberry Felt Birdhouse
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    Made from: Recycled bamboo root, hemp, sheep wool. Measurements: 8" H x 5" dia.; Opening: 1.5" Dia.
  • Eternit - Birdy birdhouse
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    Birdy from Eternit is a practical and beautiful birdhouse made out of fibre cement. Birdy offers smaller birds a place to nestle. The birds get inside of the birdhouse through a small hole at the shorter side of it. The Birdy nestle house consists of Eternit fibre cement. The products from Eternit are completely free from asbestos already since the beginning of the 1990s. This also includes the Birdy birdhouse in which the birds can settle down without any risks. Moreover the fibre cement is breathable and it regulates humidity. The birdhouse therefore is frost resistant if it is appropriately kept. The birdhouse Birdy appears in a closed look. With its integrated string it can also be suspended at a hook or branches. The birdhouse is also available in anthracite.
  • Chestnut Fence Rail Birdhouse
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    Prior to the 20th century, the American Chestnut tree populated nearly a quarter of some eastern forests, particularly in the Appalachians. With large diameters and a straight growth habit, the largely branch-free trunks made strong, rot-resistant lumber. The iconic split rail fences were traditionally made of the Chestnut lumber. Around 1900, chestnut blight was accidentally introduced to the US through imported Asian wood and wiped out over 99% of the American Chestnut population by 1950. Today, as old split rail fences are abandoned or removed, much of the wood is reclaimed for modern uses. This birdhouse is crafted from triangular segments of antique chestnut railing, hollowed out and provided with a 1.25" opening. Each has three screws in the face, allowing it to be removed for easy cleaning after birds leave the habitat. Includes a twig perch and 6" chain for hanging. Handcrafted in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina.
  • Radius Design - Piep Show Home
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    The birdhouse Piep Show Home is a place for design-loving birds from Radius Design and Sebastian Herkner. Piep Show Home is a modern bird nestle chamber that brings colours into the garden and offers a new home for small birds. The refined fixing art with a lashing strap around the tree enables an easy and flexible mounting. Furthermore the tree won’t be damaged. The landing hole in the natural wooden front is suitable for all bird species. Piep Show Home is weather protected by an aluminium housing. The birdhouse is also available in further colours.
  • Abigails Birdhouse Tall w/Bark
    Finished with a soft, rustic variation on faux bois, the Tall Birdhouse with Bark brings an attractive look of age to your garden while still serving as a sturdy home for avian visitors.� This column-shaped double birdhouse hangs from a chain at the peak of its conical roof, lastingly secured to the terra cotta body of this charming transitional garden artifact.� Try it in a sunroom to bring the outdoors in.
  • Loll Designs Loll Pitch Birdhouse
    All Loll Design products are made from 100% recycled high density polyethylene (plastic milk jugs). Since 2005, Loll Designs has kept over 18 million milk jugs out of landfills. Just like their furniture, the Loll birdhouse will last a long time. A clean and modern approach to what should be simple avian living; the Loll birdhouse was designed by humans with the birds in mind. No assembly required with easy mounting and easy access for cleaning out the old nest. Available in 100% recycled high density polyethylene (#2 Plastic Bottles) in Black, White, Red, Chocolate Brown, Sand, Leaf Green, Blue and Gray. Height: 7" | Width: 7.75" Notes on Colors: We have tried our very best to accurately represent product colors on this website. However, due to the nature of the recycled plastic we use and electronic media, color of actual products may differ slightly from how they appear on this website on your particular computer. Click here to request color samples.
  • Jonathan Adler Lantern Bird House
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    The ultimate modernist pad for your friendly neighborhood birds. Our Lantern Collection is defined by a ceramic skin stretched over an invisible armature, like a Japanese paper lantern. Jonathan and his team design and sculpt each one in our Soho studio before our skilled artisans in Peru make a mold and handcraft them from high-fired stoneware.

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