You and Harry were doing a radio interview. You were pregnant and you were two weeks past your due date so you were ready to pop any minute. "So Morgan, are excited about becoming a mother?"
The interviewer asked. "I am. My due date was two weeks ago so we're just waiting to see what happens. " you say smiling. "I'm sure you're excited too. " the interviewer said To Harry. "I am really excited. I can't wait for the new baby. " as soon as Harry said that you felt a trickle down your leg and a searing pain through your body. "Erm Harry, you may not need to wait any longer. " you say through gritted teeth. Harry took one look at you and sprang into action. 
Ten minutes later you were giving birth. "Harry I can't!!" You screamed. You were pushing as hard as you could. "Yes you can Morgan. Just focus on me. Look at me. " Harry instructed. You did as you were told. "That's it mrs styles, one more push. " the doctor instructed. You pushed as hard as you suddenly you hear the cry of a baby. "What's happening? Where's the baby?" You quickly ask. "Sh calm down. Our baby is fine. " Harry says soothingly. "Congratulations on your baby girl mr and mrs styles. " the doctor says as he hands you your child. "She's perfect. " Harry mutters. "What's her name?" He doctor asks. "Natalia. " you say before Harry could even open his mouth. "Excellent. Natalia it is. " the doctor said smiling before walking away. "She's our Morgan. " Harry said taking the baby in his arms. "All ours and we're never going to stop loving her."

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