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trend alert. fur jackets
this set is for an amazing poly member: Bisque, check her profile:
hey my lovely friend Bisque, this is for you! i hope you like it! you know what i'm gonna tell you but pls don't panic everything is still normal with me, this set took less than 2 hours!! i'm progressing i
anyway thank you so very much for your faves and support but especially for your comments. normally people don't read what the others write below the sets but you do. also you are spending time for replying all of them, because you care. this really means a lot. you make my day with your comments and advices. its so weird, also very amazing to know someone who is a million miles far away from you but you have so many common things to talk about.
thank you so very much for being such a kind, careful and thoughtful person and also for amazing sets you create.
i hope that one day you can reach your dream, become a novelist and send me your autographed book :)
hugs and kisses
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