BitN: Places where things go Bump in the Night

In addition to the your characters homes and the meeting places of you kind, plus the dozens of places New York has to offer, here are a few places to help inspire you for sets.
Also you'll see names of characters who work there, you'll see the players tag with it. Or if they created the spot, you'll see it at the end
Basically to apply anywhere you need to make a set and tag the player controlling the place to interview XD. We are doing it this way to encourage playing.
For Max's it's @violeteyes
For Lights it's @thegothchick
For Assylum Motto it's @karmaisabitchright
For The Black Cat Book Shop, Hoggle Museum and Brookfields Zoo it's @deathwatch
Everywhere else is @brighty
If you gave me an idea but you don't want to control it just let me know and I will take care of it!
If you wish to add to the rather short list feel free to comment below with the following -
1. Name of establishment
2. a *very* brief description (if a character works/owns it please include in description)
3. link to the picture to use
Have fun everyone!!
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    "Welcome to New York City" — @brighty
    newlyyorked: “ Chrysler Building ”
  • Hello New York
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    "where monster and man live together in peace" — @brighty
    Hello New York is a photoblog showcasing only the best photographs of New York City by photographers...
  • Vertigo-Inducing Photography
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    "...sort of" — @brighty
    Today, we bring you a compilation of vertigo-inducing photos that include rooftopping pictures, aerial shots and more. If you're one of those people who
  • - Free Image Hosting - Image zzzzzzzzzzzd
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    Not the blood bank you used to know. Now this special section of the hospital is for desperate vampires who can't find a willing doner that evening." — @brighty
  • Live Nation Special Event Venue - House of Blues Orlando
    More info
    a human family run restaurant with good company and good food. NOW HIRING!
    Look for characters Audrey Phillips + Raima Hernandez to be serving there. both @violeteyes
    thanks to @violeteyes" — @brighty
    Event Services we provide: Creative Development and Design, Complete Event Coordination, Talent Research, Selection and Contract Negotiation, Event Promotion, Themed Events and Décor, Script and Speechwriting, Media Development and Production, Staging and Set Design, Technical Production (sound, lighting, video, graphics, etc.), Logistics/Crowd Control/Safety
  • Retro Diner Tables and Diner Booth Tables from
    SOLD OUT: More info
    a cheesy 50's New York Diner" — @brighty
    At Wotever, we have a huge selection of diner tables, retro diner tables and booth tables
  • mels die in | Tumblr
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    A fun place to go and dine with family or Friends. Enjoy the fun monster movie theme meant to bring some light heartedness to these new times!" — @brighty
  • Tumblr
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    This is a bookshop/cafe owned by Max and Winnifred Castellon who are both witches. It's mostly for witches, but it does have a variety of books." — @brighty
    Follow the world's creators.
  • Chicago Museums Free Days Visit a Chicago museum for free
    More info
    Owned by Alecxander Lux, the Sphinx. The perfect place to come for a school field trip or a simple outing with the family. The museum has information on things from humans, to vampires, to lycans, to even witches
    @deathwatch" — @brighty
    Many Chicago museums offer free days throughout the year when general admission is no charge to one and all.
  • analog, animals, black cat, books, bookshop, cat
    More info
    A nice place to just sit in peace to read or grab a quick bite to eat. This shop actually got it's name because more often than not, there's a black cat wandering or lazing around the shop. It's Max's familiar
    @deathwatch" — @brighty
    Inspiring picture analog, animals, black cat, books, bookshop, cat. Resolution: 500x348 px. Find the picture to your taste!
  • Zoo Warning Signs
    More info
    an amazing place to go and fun for people of all ages. See animals like seals, bears and lions, but there are also things like unicorns and dragons and there's even a hyrda lurking somewhere!
    find Devin Castellon working there.
    @deathwatch" — @brighty
  • witch | Tumblr
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    For all your witch supply needs! Buy ingredients, books and tools individually or in packs by the spell! Remember to bring you're registration card to say you're licensed to practice." — @brighty
  • - Free Image Hosting - Image 184264_1303918656_large
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    Private Paranormal Investigation Services employing Hunters that will check out any problem you have that bumps in the night. We seek justice, not monster hate. NOW HIRING! Find Searsha, Reese + Luca Jordan @brighty working there." — @brighty
  • sinister angel.
    More info
    vampire run horror theme carnival that doesn't go to over the edge so you and your family can enjoy the scary theme! Rides, haunted houses and snacks." — @brighty
    "I don't have awkward moments, I have an awkward life, which, to my dismay, is occasionally...
  • Sandra‘s Closet
    More info
    "The Night Life..." — @brighty
  • Tao Nightclub Las Vegas Night Club Tao
    More info
    a human owned but monster friendly establishment.
    A classic easy going feel, live singing and they serve blood in the cocktails upon request.
    Look for Character Evangeline Hale to be singing there. @brighty" — @brighty
  • - Free Image Hosting - Image zzzzzzzzzzzb
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    a vampire run establishment frequented mostly my monsters." — @brighty
  • Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Dubai
    More info
    Faye run establishment, frequented by human and monster alike." — @brighty
    This luxury hotel puts you on the ski slopes in sandy Dubai - with one of the world's biggest shopping malls to boot.
  • Likes | Tumblr
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    owned by Caius a human/monster friendly night club and one of the most popular spots in New York - so far." — @brighty
  • Knoll Bertoia Stool Unupholstered
    SOLD OUT: More info
    opened by a retired Hunter this lounge and club is welcoming to humans and hunters. A place to get away from the creatures you go after daily." — @brighty
    Design Harry Bertoia, 1952. Welded steel rods. Made in USA by Knoll. Harry Bertoia's 1950 experiment with bending metal rods into practical art produced a revered collection of seating, including the exquisite Bertoia stool. Innovative, comfortable and strikingly handsome, the chair's delicate appearance belies its strength and durability. In Bertoia's own words, "If you look at these stools, they are mainly made of air, like sculpture. Space passes right through them." A classic, modern design that enhances any environment, Bertoia's stool remains a fascinating study in bent metal and a fixture of mid-century design. Knoll is the only authorized and licensed manufacturer of the Bertoia Collection which has been in continuous production since 1952. With proper care and limited exposure to the elements, the Bertoia Collection unupholstered or with seat cushion are appropriate for outdoor environments. Please specify powder-coat (black or white) and appropriate upholstery - belize, vinyl, noble or rio (if applicable). Counter stool: 21.75" w | 39.5" h | 22" d | seat: 27.5" h. bar stool: 21.75" w | 41.25" h | 22" d | seat: 29.25" h.
  • La Cova Night Club by Elia Felices
    More info
    owned by Immortal Alexia Latonya this night club is well known for there fun and hospitality to all creatures- but violence is strictly prohibited and enforced by magic
    thanks to @thegothchick" — @brighty
    La Cova. Dance Theatre, located in Mataró, near Barcelona, is a nightclub with a total area of 500m2. It is equipped with variable lighting, furniture designed exclusively by the studio, and forms and colours that replicate ice caverns. A landscape of this type in the middle of the city causes a great impact. This is new project from Elia Felices.
  • Blush Nightclub Las Vegas Night Club Blush Boutique club at Wynn
    More info
    Another human/monster friendly night club owned by Caius and the newest, hottest spot in the city." — @brighty
  • Karma Lounge
    More info
    human/monster friendly night club and one of the most popular spots in New York" — @brighty
  • dive bar
    More info
    a mostly were-run establishment popular mostly among the monsters. This tough dive may be rough but the food is great and the company can be good.
    Look for characters Zeke/Dev DuFey + Alani Rivers working there
    thanks to @karmaisabitchright" — @brighty
  • Stripper
    More info
    Sinner's Den is a strip club featuring female strippers MOSTLY of the non-human persuasion. Perfect for those with a dark side ;D
    Look for Character Key @fashionandroleplaying to be dancing there." — @brighty
  • Magic Mike Chi sono i sette spogliarellisti? Vota il tuo preferito!
    More info
    "9th CIRCLE
    opened by popular request, 9th Circle is an all male monster review for human and nonhuman ladies alike. ;D Get there early, it's harder to get into than Sinner's Den!" — @brighty
  • Welcome to Bradley Cooper News
    More info
    "Both owned by Guillaume the Immortal @brighty, but as he owns many businesses if you see him you'll more often find him at Sinners Den" — @brighty
    Welcome to Bradley Cooper News' website where you will find updates about Bradley's upcoming...


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Oh hey i want to add some places. Two clubs and a strip club. @brighty

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