BitN: Places where things go Bump in the Night

In addition to the your characters homes and the meeting places of you kind, plus the dozens of places New York has to offer, here are a few places to help inspire you for sets.
Also you'll see names of characters who work there, you'll see the players tag with it. Or if they created the spot, you'll see it at the end
Basically to apply anywhere you need to make a set and tag the player controlling the place to interview XD. We are doing it this way to encourage playing.
For Max's it's @violeteyes
For Lights it's @thegothchick
For Assylum Motto it's @karmaisabitchright
For The Black Cat Book Shop, Hoggle Museum and Brookfields Zoo it's @deathwatch
Everywhere else is @brighty
If you gave me an idea but you don't want to control it just let me know and I will take care of it!
If you wish to add to the rather short list feel free to comment below with the following -
1. Name of establishment
2. a *very* brief description (if a character works/owns it please include in description)
3. link to the picture to use
Have fun everyone!!
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Wrote two years ago
Oh hey i want to add some places. Two clubs and a strip club. @brighty

Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
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