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  • Bla Station - Fatback Easy Chair
    Bla Station - Fatback Easy Chair
    Fatback was created in 2005 by designer Fredrik Mattson. Its easy and reduced design starts with the light main structure which is responsible for the floating impression. This chair by the Swedish manufacturer Blå Station is incredible convenient. Your sitting position is very flexible; the easy chair allows almost every position. The slope of the back and the seat depth are designed for convenient and relaxing sitting. However, Fatback is not only convincing as a single easy chair. If several Fatback arm chairs combined, one will get an inviting and comfortable Fatback Sofa. The skeletal structure consists of chromed steel poles, the seat is made of polyurethane. Fatback is available in several different colours. For extra charge, it is also possible to order different upholstery and even the exclusive leather model.
  • Bla Station - Chair 69
    Bla Station - Chair 69
    Chair 69 satisfies all claims, one can stake out to a stackable chair. Chair 69 is stackable, comfortable, and can be connected with other chairs 69 to a row. Weighing only 4.2 kg, he can be transported effortless. Thus, he is perfectly suited for conference, lecture room and waiting rooms. The lightweight was created in 2005 by Fredrik Mattson for Swedish design manufacturer Blå Station. The chair legs consist of chromed steel. The seat shell and the backrest are made of glued plywood and available in birch, walnut, black or white stained. More colours are available and can be ordered.
  • Bla Station - Level Table
    Bla Station - Level Table
    Level is a practical and simple table. Its high stability is due to its robust and square aluminium base. The table level is a perfect addition to the sting series (Sting 030 Chair, Sting 030 Chair with armrests), Sting 032 bench) of Swedish manufacturer Blå Station. It can also be perfectly combined with Chair 69. Level is made of robust material and is therefore suitable for in- and outside. An additional advantage is also the adjustable height, size and form. A round shaped table top (Ø 75 cm and Ø 90 cm), a quadratic one (70 x 70 cm) or a rectangular table top (70 X 140 cm), as a table (height: 60Cm, 72cm) or as a bar table (height: 90 Cm, 107cm), how your Table Level should look like, it’s up to you. The leg is made of extruded aluminium and ends with a quadratic (73 x 73cm) base consisting of cast aluminium. The table top is made of compact laminate, thickness: 12 Mm, surface white, edge black. Further dimensions and colours are possible.
  • Bla Station - Swivel Chair Innovation C
    Bla Station - Swivel Chair Innovation C
    The Innovation C was created in 2001 for the Swedish company Blå Station. With Innovation C the designer created a multi-functioning seating object which offers unequalled opportunities. The chair reminds more of a sculpture than a chair, Innovation C offers in addition to a seating surface a rest which can be used with the help of a pluggable table as storage space (for instance for a notebook) or working place. Thus, Innovation C is a senseful object furniture which is predestined for lounges, fairs, congresses, and waiting rooms. Due to its form, Innovation C offers a range a seating possibility where the back is resting and everyone is able to find his preferred position. Fredrik Mattson won the Young Swedish Design Award and the Architectural Review Award, London for his creation. Innovation C is turnable and can be placed freely or screwed to the floor. The foot plate is available in a silver varnished steel version or with extra charge in a stainless steel version. The upholstery of the chair consists of foamed polyurethane. The cover can be ordered in a bi-directional stretchable woollen material or a special gummed fabric material. You can choose among several different upholsteries and also different colours (e.g. Red, orange, black…), getting your favorite.
  • Bla Station - Bimbo Hocker
    Bla Station - Bimbo Hocker
    The stackable stool Bimbo by the Swedish manufacturer Blå Station is practical, handy and thus easily fetched if it is needed. The more stools are stacked, the more sculptural and the better the shape of the stack looks. However, also as a single stool, Bimbo looks fantastic. The handle-bar which is included in the seating surface is particularly practical and ensures a quick and easy transport. The slim and simple design is reduced to the basics and was created by the Swedish designer Peter Brandt. Allegedly, Brandt drew the conception for Bimbo with watercolour pens on the back of a letter to Blå Station. The manufacturer was so impressed by this conception that the stool was included in the production immediately. The stool consists of glued birch (nature) and is available in crème, light grey, grey, black, blue, yellow, orange, red, wine red or oak veneered.
  • Bla Station - Oppo Armchair
    Bla Station - Oppo Armchair
    The Oppo Armchair by Bla Station creates sympathy and warmth. It vitalizes rooms with its soft and round forms. Stefan Borselius created a piece of furniture that acts charming and appealing with the Oppo Armchair. The balanced and harmonic curves signalize quietness and warmth. The chair is timeless, clever and balanced from top to toe thanks to Boselius’ qualification as furniture designer. A grey lacquered foot panels is the base of the Oppo Armchair ba Bla Station. The rotating frame of the design piece shines with automatic back springs and the main corpus consists of steel and wood. It is upholstered with polyurethane foam and coatable with many high quality fabrics (such as Kvadrat, Camira or Gabriel).
  • Bla Station - Sting 030 Chair
    Bla Station - Sting 030 Chair
    The interaction of innovative material and industrial processing inspired already the designer of the Bauhaus early this century. Following this tradition, sting is an aesthetic and finely bench which is almost industrial made of aluminium, stainless steel and Arabic gum. Fascinating is mostly the way of producing since seat and backrest are made of an extruded aluminium-profile. In this extruding process which the designer developed together with engineers from the aluminium industry, the finished pieces are pressed out (like out of a tube). Thus, the connection between seat and backrest and frame are elegant “invincible”. The seat shell consists of anodized aluminium, the frame is made of stainless steel (V4A, roundsteel, massive). Thus, mainly robust material has been chosen in order to ensure that the bench can be used in- and outside. As a full-metal bench, sting can well suited for fire sensitive areas. The standard colour for sting is anodized (aluminium-silver). Also deliverable (extra charge) are the colours red, black, blue anodized as well as an alternative with armrests. The frame is always stainless steel coloured. The speciality of Sting is the stackability. Up to 50 chairs can be stacked – no matter if they are cushioned or if they have armrests. The stacked chairs will not be placed on the seat of the chair below but only on its skid. In a conference room, in the cafeteria or at home, Sting is almost everywhere a practical and aesthetical solution. Further colours are available.
  • Bla Station Blå Station - Gecco Bar Stool
    Bla Station Blå Station - Gecco Bar Stool
    The graceful bar stool Gecco from the designers Stefan Borselius & Frederik Mattson is part of the successful sting series of Swedish manufacturer Blå Station. Like the sting 030 chair and the sting 032 bench, the bar stool consists fully of metal. Thus, it is suitable for the in- and the outside. Furthermore, due to its fire-proofed material, the bar stool is perfectly suitable for fire sensitive areas. Despite the different heights of every variant, each stool is perfectly stackable with the other chairs. The Grecco bar stool is also available in further colours.
  • Bla Station - Table Clip
    Bla Station - Table Clip
    The folding table Clip was the final exam of young designer Jonas Forsman and at the same time his first conception which was produced in series. His aim of developing the first, ultimate folding table which can be a flexible solution to any conference or other rooms brought him to study of the so far existing models. Forsman succeed as the simple and easy to handle mechanism enables the folding of the legs and their fixation in a plastic mounting (POM) directly under the table top. Blå Station decided to produce the Clip table as it fits perfectly in the program of the Swedish manufacturer. In combined with the Sting 030 Chair or the Chair 69, Clip Table can furnish in a short time a modern conference seminar or lecture room. Next to the standard version (melamine coated, white), a less weightily “light-version” (white laminated) is available. The table edge consists of aluminium and the legs are made of chromed steel.
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