B1A4 is not my favortie group actually, but I like Baro. He have a manly face. I always imagined him wearing a tuxedo, and GGAARRRHHH I THINK HE'LL LOOKS SO HANDSOME WITH IT!! XD. And this photoshoot is so far my favorite photoshoot of them. And of course, I look for Baro's part and I think he;s the most handsome (and mature) in this photoshoot ^^

in the mean time I was tagged by @alice18195 in her set http://www.polyvore.com/exo_questions/set?id=84898005 with questions~

Rule 1: Always post the rules.
Rule 2: Answer the questions the person who tagged you has written and write 11 new ones.
Rule 3: Tag 11 new people
Hope you don't mind me combing these.

1) Favourite Color ?
- Don't have one heheheh
2) Favourite school subject ? (It can be no one ! XD)
-Art : Because it is the subject where I was recognized by my friends as a creative one heheh :D
-Math : Because I love the teacher! Her name is Mrs. Digna and for me, she's one of the best teacher in my school. She's smart, kind, have a signature laughter XD, and she can sing! She teach our school choir and she also sing in church. I even call her mom. She's my second mother :D
3) If you had a power, what would you like it ?
-Either it's telepathy or telekinesis :D
4) What creature? (vampire, zombie, ...)
-Well I hate vampires, zombie is awesome but they can dead just only by a single gun shot, sooo... I prefer aliens :3
5)Your favourite lyrics of a Music ? Why ?
-"Mama, just kill the man, put a gun against his head, pull the trigger now he;s dead" It's from Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody and if you asked me why I like this lyric, well, I remember when I was in 11th grade, I sing this song with this special guy..... ( ^////^)
5) If I say Money , What did you say ?
-Hmmm.... what should I buy? XD
6) Jean or Skirt ?
7) Friends or Family ?
8) What is your favourite Hobby ?
-fangirling :3
9) What would you have as a name ?
-Well, I already have an awesome, rare name! XD
10)The kind of drama/movie you prefer ?
-Don't have one :P. It depends on the story
11) Last question : Do you like my sets ? Is there are things you do not like ? Ask me set you want ?
- I DO! Especially Kyungsoo :* :*

uhh, for the tag, idk can I just break teh rules a bit? :P. TBH I'm so lazy to tag tag tag tag ppl :P.
But for the question, here you go, If you want me to tag, just send me a message :)

1) When does the last time you have a dream with your bias on it?
2) Last thing you buy?
3) Have you ever buy an official goods from your favorite artist? What is it?
4)Your favorite shoe brand?
5)Your favorite nail polish color?
6)Most played song on your phone, iTunes, or any music player?
7)Perfect song to pump up your mood?
8)Your first favorite band (not a vocal group)?
9) What kind of bag do you like (handbag, tote, backpack, etc)?
10) Do you prefer earphone or headphone?
11)Have you got a crush on someone recently (Not a celebrity crush)? 

heheh that's all :P
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