black magic, lilly?

Cross My Heart:
Name: Lillian Georgia Ellsworth
Age: 16
Bio: A sophomore now at Windsor Academy, Lillian has always been the quiet type, finding it easier to relate to her books than to girls her own age. She has also always hated this about herself. She wants desperately to be liked and to have close friends, but she never seems to know what to say to start a conversation, and no one ever seems to ask. Now that she’s a witch, and maybe even a member of the Red Berets, she’s hoping that all will change.
As far as her home life goes, it’s all a mess. Now that parents are successfully divorced, they’ve started the game of competing for her and her little sister’s love. Materialistically, it benefits her, but it’s emotional torture. Luckily she’s a little removed from it while at school, and she’s the type of girl who can bury herself in her studies if need be.
Model: Morgan Chelf

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