opening night of Daisy's Flower!

concert was amazingg. afterparty(s) were better!!!

The bar where the (first) party was held was dark and smokey. I bummed a cig off of some moderate looking guy in an AWSOME leather jacket and sat down on the stool beside him.

"you the drummer?"


"thats sweet, i have a band too."


"yah, were pretty new, but i know we are going to be big."


"yah, like, no offense but way bigger then you guys."

"oh right. congrats."

"but your drumming was awsome, when we are big, maybe you can drum with us, or be like a groupie."

"wow sounds fantastic. can't wait."

"you sound pretty sarcastic."

"can i ask you a question?"


"can i ask you a question?"

"yah go for it..."

"can i have your jacket?"


"c a n i h a v e y o u r j a c k e t ?"

"why would i give you my jacket?"

"i'll fucck you right there if you do."



"yah sure, take it." I flipped it over my shoulder.

"thanks." and i walked away and joined Em on the dance floor.

and thats how i rollllllllllllll.

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