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@sea-shells tagged me in a quiz so here we go!

1. Name
Dali-lama, Lola, Dali-lola, Dali-lali
2. Something not many people know about you
I'm a pretty good baker, but I'm afraid to make things for others.
3. What you're eating/drinking right now
Nothing but I'll be making french toasts with apple pie filling for breakfast soon
4. Your favourite piece of jewelry or clothing 
Well after years of looking I finally was able to find and replace an octopus necklace I lost and loved. yay 
5. Your current desktop background 
A screen print of Ariel rescuing Eric from the storm
6. Your favourite poster on your wall
I had many posters before but I took them off, but I still have an original theater poster of the Goblet of Fire, which is pretty cool.
7. Your favourite thing you own
My dog and her baby! Fish and Sofie, respectively
8. Your favourite CD and/or DVD
DVD: my special edition of Chicago
CD: My MCR collection
9. Last person you talked to
My mom, I assume?
10. What so you think is your best facial feature 
My lips and my hips. Those two get a lot done.
11. Are you loud/quiet when you're mad/upset?
Both, always both
12. Last person you hugged
My dad when he came to visit Sunday
13. Your favourite movie
lol, i quote "Someone who likes movies has a favorite film, someone who loves movies can't decide."
14. Three things you'd like to say to someone you've been hiding
1. I dont see this working out
2. You will never get me. 
3. I want to see you so badly.
15. Last person you kissed
urgh some douche 
16. Did you think of a certain person when asked #15
Colin, the one I should be kissing
17. You can have one of the following things: Love or Trust
I want someone to love me and for me to be able to trust it's true. 
18. When was the last time you told someone honestly what you felt regardless of how difficult it was 
No idea
19. Name the five main things you look for in a guy
Honesty, openness, interesting looks, interesting hobbies, kindness

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Wrote two years ago
@sea-shells DO IT! xD if only, right? I wish every time i ade a set it magically appeared in my closet *.*

Wrote two years ago
Can I steal this look