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  • Zebra Soap
    Zebra Soap
    This bar contains 1/2 plain jane & 1/2 black soap poured in zebra stripes. This soap is best for for odor removal, acne & degreasing & more. We have heard customer reports of zebra removing poison ivy oils & clearing up the rash, deodorizing smelly rooms, clearing up dermatological problems like acne, removing stinky kid b.o., taking sharpie marker off skin & even getting blue dye out of a child's hair. (ha!) every household needs a bar of this on hand for it's many uses. It's just an added bonus that zebra looks awesome on a soap dish. Every bar in the batch is different. It makes the most unique & useful gift too. To use: lather your skin and let it sit a few minutes to allow the charcoal to draw, then rinse off. Ingredients: pure olive oil, lard, organic raw coconut oil, water, lye, activated charcoal. Remember to store activated charcoal soaps away from your other soaps. Activated charcoal absorbs odor, good & bad, and it will strip your soaps of their scent if it's too near.
  • Czech & Speake No 88 Large Shaving Dish with Soap
    Czech & Speake No 88 Large Shaving Dish with Soap
    A black anodised aluminium shaving dish containing a luxurious shaving soap. Looks impeccable paired with the traditional shaving brush or as part of the No.88 Shaving Set & Stand.
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