we were tagged by @flower-fashionista in her beautiful set: http://www.polyvore.com/voil%C3%A0_parisienne/set?id=48796427

In this tag you have to use an item from the set and an item from page 5 of your items! And then tag 20 people! (and me!)

we usd the little gold earrings from @flower-fashionista's set and eyeliner from the 5th page of our items.

now we tag: @zimna, @xseverusandlilyx, @chelsea, @viennarose, @madison-bieberr, @natalehousfel, @mars, @this-is-an-anthem, @sarahforeva, @devonkelly, @fiinn, @girlfromfrance, @hummingbird81, @jrhogan, @kytsnook, @lara20, @queen-meryl, @wellingtonwasapoodle, @em-ina, @rachelpillik
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