It's Weekend and today i can enjoy myself.
In last 1-2 weeks ago i really have a difficult time in life.. deal with it and headaches alone.
i'm sorry if i'm skip to talk to you,i'm so tired to talk even in real life i think i forgot how to talk for a week..side effect i got panda eyes already.

And Yea guys i colored my hair to deep brown+orange=half brown half orange but visible as light brown autumn and i look pretty lol~ (i'm in a good mood pls bear with me yahoo) @wildleopard if you wanna know.

After today i got a little good news,I went to hangout with a group of friends and their couple 10 ppl only me&some guy friend that single.
(i smell it since i first met with them this is not going to be a good idea) tbh i hat* on 2 couples there& not so close with their couple.
lately i was thinking of i might get angry or not enjoy with this kind of joke ,when "not so close friends or their couple"asking me when i will have a BF?
i know my ages is the right ages already.
i just was thinking to only my so close friends that i want holding hand with my future BF in the public too but at this moment i cant do it.
i cant just speak properly i have or dont have BF,when someone asking me too often i'm getting annoyed and said i have BF why? *insert angry face*

And i'm not even jealous towards to my friends's couples actually my very close friends 3/4 still single and we're happy just today some of my friends they want to feed me dinner and i'm agreed without thinking to my friends will asking to another couples to join us,totally unhappy when we're hangout like this and this kind of person directly making some joke like "what wrong with your personality" i pretend like i'm not so close with you dudes shu* your mouth.
many ppl always told me i have "men's standard"
what is exactly men's standard then?

To be honest,i personally look down to teenages nowadays who suddenly married with their poor situation such as they're not ready to have a family,or not even graduate,still under parents money,or accidentally have baby when they're still underage etc. but who am i ? i'm not a person who have rights to judge i just dislike a person who show off and make fun on ppl and what wrong with me even if i have a cute face/a men standard and i'm single.
my very close friends always give us a slogan who care "we're pretty,talents,rich,have a good job and happy girl" dont judge her,she said.and i miss her much today.

dang its just i said i wanna hold my BF's hand in the public suddenly become a big deal.

@fruitmachine @color-me-red @katik27
@sue-mes @eiliana @stephaniee90 @giko-is-giantsister 
i miss you too much than usual esp today:)))
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