Just a black & white set. I love working with these two colors :) I'm also going to do some kpop or Korean related sets soon. I thought that I'll have at least done one set on kpop or Korean related set by now but I've never done one. I'm a kpop fan but I really haven't really done anything for them. But my kpop love have been dropping a lot. I'm pretty close to the "red" right now. But, EXO may have made me stop from getting any lower. I'm going to thank my friend for that. Truthfully, I didn't like EXO at first. I didn't really like a few of their songs and I didn't like Wolf at first either. But one of my friends has become a huge fan of them. She wanted me to remember a line in EXO-K's Peter Pan in Korean and wanted me to remember their names. I did for the fun of it. But love for them still wasn't their, or for kpop for a while. But then I wanted to see some of EXO's variety shows and I thought they were cute. They are actually really cute looking. After a bit, I finally started to like them but I'm not a huge fans of their songs that they put out as their MV's. I like their songs on their albums. But I do really like their dances and their really like good looking ^ ^ But EXO saved me from almost entirely not liking kpop. I'm still in the red since their hasn't been much that I've been liking in kpop. But I'll wait and hopefully I'll be in the green again and I really like EXO now too, like a lot :)
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