Posted one year ago by stormbattereddragon
The winners of our contest are up! Thank you all for the many wonderful submissions. It is exciting to see this group growing. I would love to have another contest next month! Have a great week everyone and keep creating. :)

Posted one year ago by stormbattereddragon
Enjoying all the submissions to the contest! Two days left, keep them coming! xo

Posted one year ago by stormbattereddragon
Our first contest in a long time! Looking forward to seeing your artwork!

Posted two years ago by psych-major
Hey there Black & White lovers: what contest would you like to see? Give me your ideas. Please!!!

Posted two years ago by psych-major
Hey Guys and Gals,
I apologize for my abrupt and prolonged absence. Life got in my way. I love the beautiful sets I've seen. I want to remind new and long-time members that because this group is Black & White, and because it's my group, I'm removing sets with color. Because I can :) A teensy, tiny bit is okay occasionally, but all contests are STRICTLY black and white.
A contest will be posted within a couple of days.
Thank you all for your continued support of this group and especially thanks to stormbattereddragon for not abandoning the group! :)

Posted three years ago by psych-major
It Ain't Always So Black & White...
Hmmm, life as a human... not always black & white, is it? Share your ethical dilemmas, your pain, whatever inspires you to speak out. It MUST be clear what your point is for this competition, either in the set or w/a short explanation. As always YOU vote the 6 winners. New sets only. Go! ;)
Created in The Black & White Art Group. 14 days left.

Posted three years ago by psych-major
I love all the creative wonderful sets you are posting!
Please remember, dears, no color accents for the contests. I've written that before but I'm sure some new members haven't seen it. I'll remember to include it in the contest rules from now on so there is less confusion.
Two days left to post! You pick the winners! :)

Posted three years ago by psych-major
Hi All,
Unfortunately I had to remove a couple of sets from the contest. Please remember: For this, and all competitions, please submit ONLY black and white grayscale, no color accents.
True, some sets had very little color, but the contest rules were specific, and I don't think it fair to bump one set out and leave another in. It just gets to hard to decide where to draw the line.
I'm truly sorry if your set was bumped. I have allowed sets with just a small accent of color to be posted in the group (not contest), but really, this is a black and white group so please try your best to keep it that way because I really hate to bump a set.
Thank you for understanding.

Posted three years ago by to-air-is-human
Welcome new members :) We are up to eight!