Black & White Challenge 2013

The rules:
- The set must be in black & white
- Include a song you always listen to
- Include an item you have been waiting to use
- Tag me so I can see your new set and then 6 of your lovely polyfriends:
  • Fade
    "by mew-muse challenged by @daniellesantiago1 ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Untitled #1479
    "hollywallygator challenged by @iamarock" — @sharmarie
  • Tears
    "by iamarock challenged by @aliceingothland
    @eleanorpennyweather" — @sharmarie
  • Someone like you
    "Beautiful black and white set by noelleinashell challenge by @dear-inge and @e-daniels who tagged
    @magdafunk ❤" — @sharmarie
  • I don't think about you anymore, but i don't think about you any less
    "The beginning started with "THE END" sophie-eloise who started this new challenge tagged @dukeofwonderland
    @nawa❤" — @sharmarie
  • Emily
    "colbysma's challenged by katticusmac tagged
    @rainbowpanda0 ❤" — @sharmarie
  • freshwater
    "jennifer challenged by colbysma tagged
    @goldsyn ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Tim
    "markblemish was challenged by colbysma
    @goldsyn" — @sharmarie
  • The Stricken Woman
    "Amazing set by jennytee challenged by @colbysma
    @wintermoon ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Under Orion
    "Stunning set by ccr1 as challenged by jennytee open tag ❤" — @sharmarie
  • 永遠の感じ
    "theotherwhite challenge by jennifer tagged
    @menta ❤" — @sharmarie
  • only you.
    "madcarrot amazing only you doll challenged by theotherwhite" — @sharmarie
  • postcard from far away
    "dear-inge challenged by the otherwhite tagged
    @sharmarie (me)
    @noelleinashell ❤" — @sharmarie
  • love is infinite
    "The challenge from dear-inge tagged
    @rawrat ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Funky Love
    "pauly-23 was challenged dear-inge ❤" — @sharmarie
  • in fact - I can .. but I know I don´t have to
    "jesika-jc was challenged by dear-inge who tagged
    @myduza-and-koteczka (this tag actually comes to 2 people;))
    @opal17 ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Your Love Lives On
    "incogneato's lovely set in memory of her Mum tagged
    @ellen-hilart ❤" — @sharmarie
  • 50 Ways to Say Goodbye
    "tattered-rose's lovely homage to her mother was challenged by incogneato tagged
    @robsfriend73" — @sharmarie
  • Don't let time fade the memory ~ Black and White Challenge for Shar
    "Gorgeous black and white set by dear Lisa who took up the challenge and tagged
    @fancydancynancy22 ❤" — @sharmarie
  • black and white challenge 2013/ Amazing Grace
    "Amazing Grace by dear Louise in memory of her beloved father. She tagged @lisamichele-cdxci
    @tracireuer ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Ode to Warby
    "Outstanding artwork and storytelling by ajkc challenged by her many friends @sharmarie (me again) @lisamichele-cdxci and @clayhandler (me) tagged
    @mponte" — @sharmarie
  • Life in black and white...
    "Elegance at it's finest in black and white by Lisa who was challenged by @clayhander Lisa tagged
    @limabean-347 ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Black and White Challenge....
    "Exquisite set by tacciani challenge by Lisa who tagged
    @austinjandrews ❤" — @sharmarie
  • B/W challenge
    "This is a smashing look with the lovely K.D. Lang song set by sheryl-lee challenged by @lisamichele-cdxci tagged
    @sherry7411 ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Black and White Challenge
    "Wonderful Steampunk black and white set designed by gilleyqwyn challenged by @cathy1965, @tacciani ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Back and White Challenge
    "Beautiful black and white set by cathy1965 challenged by @tacciani tagged
    @sweetsuzieann ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Black & White Challenge
    "Beautiful black and white fashion set by wendyfer challenged by @tacciani tagged
    @tracireuer ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Black & White
    "Great Pattern Mania black and white set by sherry7411 challenged @sheryl-lee tagged
    ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Bird On A Wire
    "Stunning set by kathyaalrust challenged by @ajkc and tagged
    @akchen" — @sharmarie
  • Because
    "Beautiful Beatles song black and white set by easystyle challenged by @ajkc tagged
    @kittyfantastica ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Sometimes There Is Only Black and White
    "Stunning graphic outfit by emlibertelli challenged by @cathy1965, @sheryl-lee, @easystyle tagged
    @anne-irene" — @sharmarie
  • Untitled #1622
    "Wonderful set by mrs-box challenged by @kathyaalrust

    @babyou" — @sharmarie
  • Radiant In Black & White
    "Beautiful set by the talented e-daniels challenge by mrs-box
    @leilagoncalves ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Moonlight
    "Stunning look by minnieromanovich challenge by the talented mrs-box
    @thestyleaholic ❤" — @sharmarie
  • the world was so beautiful
    "Wonderful white set by katticusmac challenged by @blue-bearcat ❤" — @sharmarie
  • Black & White Tag Challenge
    "Beautiful set designed by belldraw as challenged by @lala who tagged
    @louella1913 ❤" — @sharmarie


Wrote two years ago

Wrote two years ago
Nope, I see a couple couldn't resist that tiny bit of colour @minnieromanovich @mrs-box
thank you so much for joining in the fun. So many amazing sets. With gratitude. Hoping you have a great week. ❤

Wrote two years ago
@mrs-box: You and me both. I couldn't resist adding the aqua blue earrings and bracelet, either. ;)

Wrote two years ago
Wow, so many fantastic sets for this challenge!! And ahum, I can clearly see that I was the only one cheating with the addition of nude.....

Wrote two years ago
@sharmarie Thank you for adding my set to this outstanding collection!

Wrote two years ago
what a beautiful collection, it's lovely to see how far its come since I started it! :)

Wrote two years ago
Thank you for adding my set to such a wonderful group of talented Polyvorians! ♥

Wrote two years ago
Thanks @sherry7411 perfect choice of music for your lovely set. ❤

Wrote two years ago
Fabulous collection!! Thank you xoxo

Wrote two years ago
I am so happy you created such a beautiful set. With gratitude Hugs ❤

Wrote two years ago
Thank you sweetie for including my set!!! This was an awesome challenge!!!

Wrote two years ago
I wanted to try and collect these amazing works of art from this challenge. I adore your sweet Lulu! @groovyhippychick ❤

Wrote two years ago
HEY. How sweet is this?! You constantly have me shaking my head at your goodness.

Wrote two years ago
I adore your art and was happy to add them to my collection @ccr1 and @jennytee ❤

Wrote two years ago
What a super awsome collection! Thanks for collecting all this!

Wrote two years ago
love it..thanks for including my tag

Wrote two years ago
Thank you!! @elske88 ❤

Wrote two years ago
wonderful dear, love it!!!♥♥♥

Wrote two years ago
I thought it would nice to have a collection to see these fabulous creations all together. @theotherwhite, @dear-inge ❤

Wrote two years ago
now that's a good idea! :) thy're all so beautiful.. Thanks!!


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