Black & White - Neutral Alignment Inspired

A video game from 2001, developed by Lionhead Studios, 'Black and White' literally lets you slip into the skin of a 'God', an all-powerful being that has supernatural powers and who can gain faithful, loyal followers upon using those powers, either for good, evil, or neutral purposes, in order to impress the potential followers and make them believe in the God-you. The special aspect about the game is that you can decide whether you want to play as a merciful, good God who rewards and helps their followers, a neutral God, or an evil God who punishes and scares his followers into submission. Another element of the game includes the so-called 'Creature', the God-you's 'pet', so to speak, which is larger than human beings, can also use supernatural powers, but must also be raised, educated and 'trained' by the God-you. The creature, too, can be good, neutral or evil, and can have a completely different Alignment than the God-you. The fascinating thing is that, with shifting Alignments, the colors of the creature, the background soundtrack and the weather within the game change (as well as other things), and therefore, distinct sounds and colors are associated with each Alignment.
I took this as an inspiration to create three collections - this first one being the 'Neutral' Alignment, which is the default Alignment at the beginning of the game. The creature has a normal color, the weather is good if neutral, and the background music is quite neutral, too. Because of this, I chose to let this collection be inspired by earthy, natural colors, like brown, dark green, gold and beige, as well as neutral shapes and textures, with materials like cotton and leather. (Again, 'Inspired by' so that I may take a few liberties with my interpretation.)

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