2015/03/27 have a good lunch Friday ~
long rant ahead.. 
still fresh enough to calling Suzy dating Lee Minho is everywhere head line news in Korea or even around Asia.

actually I'm not surprise that Suzy has a boyfriend.
I think she ever dated but not get caught by dispatch (Korea paparazzi)
what to surprise she's a pretty,famous,sweet heart of them all.
BUT i do surprised well pls pinches my cheeks to wake up !!!! her boyfriend is Lee Minho an actor top star seemed like two top stars dating each other and making load of shocking waves.
they're huge stars seriously i can not picture Suzy with Minho i still can not.
i'm not being an anti fan because i'm not a fan of these 2.i like them as artist and fine with them.

Minho older than Suzy 7 years,not enlist yet.
difference type of work field,and popularity of those 2 stand out in their work 
look Suzy is kpop sweet heart and Minho is biggest in acting.
i barely see 2 big stars can make it last long.
esp when boyfriend not enlist why such burden in Korea? guys it's 2 year in army if you not believe in each other you can make couple alive? no way!
look at Byul and Se7en..
Minho will go to army next year we have to looking forward to this couple,however,seemed like Minho have negative dating history and fans worry to Suzy more..

i dont know which couple i can give an example what they look like? couple like Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt ? i mean in term of they're famous.

and i will not make a set with Sehun and Suzy anymore haha @mirmin 
awkward to the max last week ago i still made set called "WHAT IS LOVE" feature with HunZy
now we have MinZy (why fans not call them as SuMin) i felt pity to Minzy (2ne1) 

okay i have to say congrats to the Bae Suzy finally you got a Bae.
and i think Minho is lucky guy tho.

why i feel like (fans) we're older than her and still can not find the Bae and she already got one that hot?

i have to stop make set with her for awhile ,so many on my page already.

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