Feel So Numb - Rob Zombie
Okay, so I made a figment. I wish I could join the Figment group, but I don't know. I wrote because I'm bored and yeah. This isn't really a good story. Nothing of interest happens. It's a prologue. But there's a bio here. So yeah.


Celestiel James
The daughter of a failed model, Celestiel was sent to live with her father and stepmother as a kid. They always accepted her but she always felt like her younger half brother got all the attention so she rebelled. At age 15 she fell in love with a 19 year old in a motorcycle gang after getting pregnant with twins. Cel suddenly had her life figured out and ran away from home to be with him. Dropping out of school her sophomore year left her with few marketable skills, so she became a stripper after the birth of her daughters. Suddenly, her boyfriend had no interest in her and left. Determined not to be a washed up whore, or worse; go crawling back to her parents, she started sleeping with the owner of the strip club she worked at. Eventually she convinced him to leave the business to her when he died. Not long after that, he actually did kick the bucket. When Cel took charge of the clubs her ex wanted in on the action. So she let him and his family back into her life, going into business with one of the most dangerous motorcycle gangs in the southwest. Cel lives in her own world: drinking, partying, shopping. Meanwhile, she's landed into thousands of dollars of debt, given up custody of her 12 year olds' to her parents, and managing to keep a dysfunctional on-again/off-again relationship with the father of her children.
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