Just debuted girl group with 2 MV


A long time awaited finally is over,the girls is now trending(in kpop),i feel like i am a mother's bird watching the girls grow up.
they were supposed to be a rival to EXO since 4 years ago with original idea of 7-9 members however harder in training make few girls leaving company and left its ready only 4(i think there're few trainiees are ready but got picked only 4)

4 years such a long time for waiting when EXO is already be one of top male group and blackpink is just a rookies,to me debuted on 2016 is might be a good choice the girls are adult now they can pull out any image.

I'd like to say more but right now i totally feel happy.
of course i've a reason why i feel happy for them.
4 years is not a short time Jisoo proof that she can wait and deserved the best future.

I look up to my past set it was a set featured with Jisoo since 3 years ago,since she was a trainee.

i cannot find another oldest set it was long time ago i almost forget that i ever talked about them before.
Yang is really such a biggest troll making us wait for so long.

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