Full Name; Lydia Nicole Martin
Age; 17
Looks; Holland Rodoen
Personality; On the outside she seems shallow. But she actually she's very smart. She's outgoing and friendly
Hometown; Paradise, California
Bio; Lydia isn't your average teen. Her dad died in a texting and driving incident. She was eleven. She lives with her mom, who has an abusive boyfriend. Lydia usually stays with her friends because she can't stand to hear George, her moms boyfriend, scream. She has tried to call the cops but George took away her and her moms phone. When she does find a way to call the cops, her mom tells them it was a misunderstanding and that he yelled because he was mad that she dropped his Grandmas ashes or something along those lines. She tries to convince his mom to throw him out, but she doesn't listen. This is where the drinking comes in. Whenever she sees George hit her mother, she unlocks their alchohol cabinet and chugs a bottle down to forget, then she sneaks out and recklessly walk along the streets to a friends house.
- When Lydia was fifteen, she had her first boyfriend, his name was Lucas. Lucas died a year later from a car crash.
Secret {optional}; Her mother doesn't even know about this, Lydia was a victim of sexual assault.
House {you can pick whichever house you want, remember that the house doesn't define your character, but /please/ pick one that is similar to your characters personality!}; Duskwood.
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