My Movie Challenge:
28. Blade

If I were asked to pick one movie from my childhood it would be...Blade.

It was during English class - our teacher allowed us to watch a movie; I was 9 then.

My friend - who was really mischievous - brought a copy of Blade to that lesson. It started...and our teacher spent all 45 minutes of lesson, watching class door and making sure no one would come and see what we were watching.

One of the opening scenes of the movie is...bloodbath. And this is exactly how I imagine vampires - they are immortal, than can do what they want - not run on meadows and sparkle [Edward], not be always depressed [Louis] - vampires should be Frosts and Lestats - should party and enjoy their immortal life to the fullest.

Bloodbath scene:

The scene is follow by epic fight, and I was totally hooked.

First thing I did after finishing classes that day was going straight to the store and buying my own copy of Blade to finish watching it in home.

I strongly believe that since Blade - since 1998 - there hasn't been filmed any better movie about vampires.

Frost - the vampire from Blade - is handsome, dangerous and completely evil;
and Blade is one of the coolest heroes of all times:)

BTW, after this movie when someone asked me who I want to be when I grow up, I answered 'vampire hunter'.

Even in middle school I wanted to be a vampire hunter. No wait. I still want to be vampire hunter!
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Wrote 4 years ago
Omg I really loved these movies!! I had such a crush on Frost... XD Follow your dreams and hunt vampires! lol

Wrote 4 years ago
@hellounicorn , she didn't know what kind of movie my friend brought:P
@nyamnyam , maybe because this movie is very 90's, and we are 90's kids so we find something attractive in it? :)

Wrote 4 years ago
i've seen this movie too many times even its not my favorite :D every time its on tv i'll watch it...idk why...its like a habit xD
lol your reminds me of mine from high school when we watched movies with sex scenes and it was loud and our 'classroom' had only a thin wall, you could even hear everything a floor above us xD haha
so when the scenes came he quickly tried to lower the volume or when somebody came closer he blocked the view xD

Wrote 4 years ago
lool. xD your teacher really let you all watch that in class? wow! hahaha.



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