blahh i'm packing for the beach and trying to clean my room at the same time so this is gonna be my set for the opening ceremony. i won't write the story until at least tommorrow, but i'm gonna be out of town for a few days so i need to get ahead. i'll still have acess to a computer, but its gonna be limited acess, so i thought i'd go ahead and make this set. first) thoughts on this set? it looks really sloppy to me. second) comment to be included :) kay xx *ok, so i've wrote the first part of my story, but it doesn't include any of the actual opening ceremony yet. i will write the rest tommorrow, i just had to publish this part because i'm going to be writing the second half on another computer. okidoki 

AUGUST 10TH: This is it, the night we’ve all been waiting for. The Opening Ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics begin tonight. 

"So today’s the day.” 

Will and I were sitting at a table in the hotel’s breakfast room, along with Jess and Justin, Georgia, and some other runners. The food here wasn’t the best. It was more concerned with being nutritious than delicious. So basically, everything tasted like cardboard. 

“I know! I’m so freaking nervous…” I muttered, nibbling on some sort of soy bar that had literally no taste. I frowned, and traded it in favor of some fruit. 

“Aw, it’ll be ok Rey.” Jess said comfortingly, smiling at me from across the table. “The opening ceremonies are so fun! You don’t have to start getting nervous until they’re over.” She cracked a million dollar smile that lit up her whole face.

 “Exactly.” Georgia said, nodding vigorously, causing a pair of extremely long earrings on her ears to sway noisily. “But Renee is actually taking this whole experience pretty damn well for her first time.” She looked around, and leaned into the table, signaling for the rest of us to lean in too. “I swear, some of these other rookies look so scared. It’s like they’re about to go into the Hunger Games or something!” 

I cracked up at the comparison. “If this was the Hunger Games, I’d totally be Rue, all scrawny and tiny next to all you careers.” Georgia patted me on the shoulder in faux comfort. “Let’s just hope you don’t get stabbed with a spear before the closing ceremonies. “ 

The whole table chuckled in unison.

 But seriously. What if I didn’t make it out of these games alive? If I didn’t find some decent food, I might just die of hunger. Ha, like… the hunger games? Ha…ha…ha? Get it? Ok, not funny. 

The group moved onto another discussion, something to do with ramen noodles. Will put his arm around my shoulders, and I blushed a little. After our whole kissing fest in the lobby, one of the many kissing fests in this hotel that had gone down since the US team had arrived in London, I’d spent almost every moment thinking about Will. It was like I was in a cheesy romance novel or something. An Olympic themed romance novel, that is. I was trying with all my might not to let that handsome little sh*t get in the way of my focus, but I couldn’t help it. He was on my mind /all/ the time, and I couldn’t shake his face out of my head. Not even a good long distance run through the city could help me now.

 I was in like with Will Gust. 

“So,” he whispered into my ear, “want to go for a jog after breakfast?” Even a request to go on a jog in his voice sounded like a request for… well. 

Other things. 

God I had to get my 15 year-old mind out of the gutter. Shows I wasn’t as mature as I thought I was. 

“Yeah, maybe a nice light jog, that’d be cool.” I chirped. I leaned my head on his shoulder, and smiled. 


“I’ll take an iced chai, please.” Will and I sat down in a little café near the hotel. We’d just gotten done jogging, and my mind felt nice and clear. “That was a good jog!” I said, resting my chin in my hands. “The weather here in London is perfect for running, seriously.” 

“It really is. It was nice; we had a good pace going. Those kinds of jogs are perfect for thinking.” 

“And what was the great Will Gust thinking about, may I ask?” 

“Well,” he said, amused, taking my hands in his. “I was thinking that I haven’t officially asked you to be my girlfriend yet.”

 “Oh, interesting thought.” I chimed, cocking my head to the side. 

“So…?” He trailed off, raising his eyebrows.

 I widened my eyes, innocently. 
“So, what?” I asked. 

“So will you go out with me?” 

I snapped. “There you go, that’s what I was looking for!” I cackled. “What, I wasn’t going to say yes to a question that hadn’t even been officially asked yet!” 

A smile slowly spread across Will’s face. “So is that a yes?”

 “Yes. Yes that’s a yes.” He took my face in his hands and gently kissed my forehead. 

“You’re a trip, Renee.” 

{later, at the opening ceremony}

I was standing in the huge crowd of USA athletes, feeling sort of dazed. Jess passed by me, but not before pinching me on the wrist, one of the only places on my body not clad in custom designed Ralph Lauren.

"Ow! What was that for?"

She flicked her blonde hair off her shoulder. "Just reminding you that you are not, in fact, dreaming." she said, sending me a wink and a hug.

Even with hard evidence such as wrist pinches, I still wasn't entirely sure this was reality. It was crazy, being surrounded by athletes from all over the world, who shared the same passion as me.

"Ehmagawd, we're next." Jenny Phelps was standing behind me, hand placed on her cocked hip, surrounded by some of her many adoring friends here, most of them male, and most of them staring at her ass.

Trying to be friendly, I turned around and decided to make conversation. Kind of a huge mistake.

"Are you nervous? We're both firsts time olympians, wanna walk togethor?"

Ok, so maybe I was kind of desperate to find someone to relate to. Will was off with his guy friends, doing press and such, so I needed people to talk to. Unfortunatley Jenny didn't.

"Um, ok, first, I'm totes /nawt/ nervous. I'm a total pro, and everybody loves me. And second, as you can plainly see, I have enough people to walk with me already, like oh my god do you not have eyes? Go walk with that boyfriend of yours, you know the one who you were totally making out with /in the middle of the lobby/."

I raised my eyebrows. Yikes. Girl has attitude. I shrugged, and went off to look for Will. 


oh crap. the crowd went /wild/. I felt butterflies in my stomache as I tried to find someone to latch onto. I've always been one of those people who liked having other people around me at all times. A people person, if you will. So the fact that I was going to be walking into the stadium alone was terrifying and humiliating.

Life would be so much easier if I was an introvert.


I turned around, and there was Will, smiling and looking odly adorable in his Olympic getup.

"Oh my gosh you scared me!" I said, hugging him.

"Seriously Ren? That wasn't even a scary 'boo', it was a flirty 'boo'."

We started walking in with the crowd. "I know, that's not what I meant. I mean I was scared I was gonna have to walk in the procession alone."

The deafining applause of the audience made it impossible for me to hear his responce. He laced his fingers through mine and gave me a peck on the cheek.

Walking into the stadium, I was reminded of all my long, grueling practices, the many years I had spent running. After all the times I had fantasized this moment, it was finally a reality. 

The feeling was undiscribeable.

some flashbulbs went off, a few hands were stuck in front of mine to shake, there were patriotic chants. It was just one of those moments in life were everything just made sense. It made it feel like all of those shitty times in life were worth it.

And considering the fact that I was at the freaking olympics, while the rest of the kids my age were sitting in front of the tv, with popcorn, watching me... I would think they were.
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