Blair Fallon Bass

Name: Blair Fallon Bass
Age: 16
Grade: Sophomore
Hometown: Fort Worth, Texas
Short Bio: I was born in a place that I didn't fit. From birth it wasn't the right place for me. Don't get me wrong, I love the idea of my family, the billionaire Father that's loud and proud and who loves the longhorns more than he loves his own pitbulls. My Mother and my Sister too. I love the idea of them. But I've always felt like I've been watching a movie of my life instead of actually being a part of it.
This entertaining, yet slightly corny movie of my life was about to change and shatter. When my Father predictably leaves my mother for some gold-digging sl ut. It was heart wrenching watching my Mother be taken away from us, I was only in seventh grade. This completely messed everything up. My sister, she sort of went off the deep end when this happened. She started cheating on her fiancee and just trashed the family's already fragile image of being happy and put-together. I of course, blame my father and his penis for ruining my life.
It gets me to thinking though, maybe this isn't the worse thing for me. Getting the hell out of dodge and all that slander. Maybe this is what was supposed to happen for me to find out who I'm supposed to be. Still. It doesn't mean it hurts any less.
Father: Sid Bass (Brad Pitt) ;; Investor/Entrepreneur/Buinessman
Mother: Anne Bass (Heidi Klum) ;; Mother, now aspiring designer. She lives off of the money from the divorce settlement.
Step-Mother: Mercedes Bass (Irina Shayek) ;; Model, Socialite & Sex Kitten
Sister: Amelia Isla (Kate Upton) ;; Aspiring Model, junior in college at Yale. Like Father like Daughter.
Secret: Blair is no different from her Father's and her Sister's antics. Did I mention, Amelia's got a fiancee.. woops. She also pretends to be a virgin. For Daddy's sake and all.
Appearance: The amazing Candice Swanepoel
Personality: I'm sweet mainly. But doesn't everyone have that.. other side? The one that only comes out during certain circumstances. Well, I'm pleased to say, that mine comes out way more than that. Why would I be happy about that? Because, it's who we really are. Who I really am is something I don't know yet, not really anyways. I've been told I'm unpredictable and colorful. My two lovers bring out two different sides of me, Aiden is sweet but sexy. Like me. We're two blondies, we love to laugh, we love to smoke together, we love to drive to the desert and watch the starts and get fu cked up. He brings out the personality that I love, he makes me so happy, I'm happy. I'm kind. I'm blissful. That's how I am with Aiden. How I am with Felix on the other hand is something else entirely, I'm passionate and hateful and wild. We love to party together, we have wild sex together. We play off each other's passion, it's a side of me that I love to hate. Because that person is so crazy and wild and and carefree. How am I all the time? I honestly don't know. That's something that I hope to find out when I'm away from the two men that define me.
Hobbies: Yoga, Painting, Drawing, Music, Sex, Doing her nails, Getting ready to go out, Shopping, Pinterest, Eating ice cream and other unhealthy delicious things-> then throwing them up like the silly bulimic I am. Oops. Flirting is a biggie for me, I'm a huge tease. I love to shower, I especially love to shower outside. It makes me feel like Aphrodite.
5 Favorite Things: Weed. Yoga. Shopping. Chillin. Sex
Anything Else?: My family is notorious for scandal. I hate saying it, but I'm really no different. Oh, those two guys at the end of the collection? The first one, the sweet Aiden is Amelia's fiancee. He's fu cking me, Amelia is having an affair with the sexy Felix... oh but wait. So am I. If that's not a complicated love .. square, I don't know what is. Take this as a warning. You mess with me. I'll sleep with your brother, boyfriend, best friend... and if he's hot enough, maybe even your father.


Wrote 4 years ago
thank you ^-^

Wrote 4 years ago
i love the way you enrolled ahahh

Wrote 4 years ago
Oh well that was one of the Dances in there

Wrote 4 years ago
kiss on the lips is from GG, i have never heard of the daughters series xDD

Wrote 4 years ago
OMG did you get the snowflake ball from the Daughters series I'm reading it now and thats in it and the Kiss on the Lips is from Gossip girl right

Wrote 4 years ago
Why should i be a founder?: Because, I've got a headstrong view on things. I'm decisive, I know what I want and I'll go for it. Why do you think that I have two lovers, and one of them is my sister's fiancee? Because I know what I want, and I'll stop at nothing to get it.
5 ideas: Well. I personally think that parties are the perfect way to get acclimated. I love white parties, three party ideas: Pretty in Pink, Kiss on the Lips, the Dark Night. Philanthropy, we could hold a Snowflake Charity Ball and I personally love travelling and retreats. We should go glamping.
I'll be active.


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