February 22nd

I woke up groaning and with a headache stronger than human possible. Last night had been pretty rough. The last thing I remember is, stumbling out of Daniel’s car completely wasted. I got up and was about to head for the shower when I took a quick look at the clock. It was 7.45 am and I had to be in school in 30 minutes – the ride over there took about 25 minutes, which meant I had only five minutes to get ready. 

I hurried to my closet and pulled on a dress. Then I walked to the kitchen, grabbed an apple, threw it in my bag along with my keys, my cell phone and my wallet. Also my calendar and a notebook were thrown in there.

Just before I walked out the door my eyes caught my self in the mirror. I stopped and looked in the mirror again and groaned. My hair was a complete mess. I turned around swiftly and grabbed a hat that lay on the desk in the hall. Thereafter I hurried outside and started walking towards the subway.

As I reached the school only ten minutes late I saw Candace getting out of a car. I smiled at her as our eyes met. I was about to put my hat on again – I had taken it of as I’d run towards school as it kept almost falling of – and walk inside when Candace stopped.

 'There’s something wrong with you...' she said.

'Thanks,' I replied sarcastically. 

She sighed and rolled her eyes. I was about to walk away from her and inside school when I heard her voice behind me. ’You’re not wearing a headband.' 

'What? That's not right,' I said while feeling very uneasy. I sighed unhappily and pulled my hat on again and started walking. It had to be enough for today...


‘Aren’t you coming?’ Candace asked as I walked away from her and not along with her – we were going to a photo shoot.

‘I’m going home to take a quick shower first,’ I said, ‘I’ll be there soon enough to get my hair and makeup done.’ She looked like she didn’t quite understand why I needed to get a showed first, so I continued explaining. ‘Candace, hello! DO you think Eva’s going to like it if I show up like this?’ While I said the last thing, I gestured towards my hair that was quite a mess. An understanding look spread across Candace’s face. We air-kissed and I hurried home.
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