FEMALE Auditions:
Name: Blaire Morgana Sage.
Age: 26.
What do you look for in a man?: Someone who isn’t too judgmental or harsh, but playful enough to keep a decent conversation and an entertaining life. She needs someone who won’t be angry with her if she wakes up at 3 in the morning in tears only to request alcohol or ice cream. Also, having someone with a decent amount of money backing their name couldn’t hurt.
Personality traits:

Bios: Blaire grew up in a normal home in a quiet little town with two parents who loved her and a younger brother that she’d fight with every now and again. She wasn’t really a rebellious teenager and kept decent marks in school. The only thing that really stuck out about her simple life was her best friend. Growing up, Blaire was quite the tomboy. As a result, most of her friends were male. Her best friend especially. They met in kindergarten and grew up together. Eventually they developed a relationship. The plan was that they would get married, he would work and Blaire would be an obedient little house wife, pop out a few kids, and life would be good. 

Things changed drastically when Blaire learned that the person she had become engaged to at the age of 23 had a major drinking problem on top of his already hintingly aggressive behavior. Needless to say, the abuse started and continued on for at least a year. Their relationship ended abruptly on a horrifically scaring night. Blaire packed her things, took whatever money she had in the bank and skipped town entirely.

It’s been two years now and Blaire still hasn’t contacted her abusive ex or any of her family members back in her old town. Now she’s a cold, sarcastic receptionist for a large company in some large town she’d never even had dreamed of visiting 2 years ago. However, it’s apparent that she’ll soon be laid off and kicked out of her plain little apartment. 

Other: N/A.
Model: Megan Fox.

5 Men You'd Like to be Paired With: 

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`Kale Westmond. - http://www.polyvore.com/untitled_1344/set?filter=comments&id=127007233

Tag 3 People: (this must be done at least on 1 of your auditions)
Game Link: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/group.show?id=182202

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