The Blaylock Family

For a story I might do. Crossover Supernatural/The Covenant.
  • grandpa | Tumblr
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    "Artemus Chaucer Blaylock (right) & Eloise Lucrezia Dragomiloff (left)
    Ages: 72 & 62
    Status: Married
    Species: Warlock & Human
    Children: Twins Ulysses & Lela Rae" — @thedeargooddead
  • Tattoos&Beards
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    "Ulysses Aleksander Blaylock
    Age: 36 (2 mins older)
    Status: Married (to Mary Ann)
    Species: Warlock
    Children: 2 on the way" — @thedeargooddead
    This is a blog dedicated to the ovary-exploding men who have tattoos, beards, and most importantly, our hearts. Watch out, for you may find yourself permanently turned on. Love to the beards&tattoos...
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    "Lela Rae Blaylock
    Age: 36
    Status: Widowed/Divorced
    Species: Witch
    Children: Seraphina & Belladonna" — @thedeargooddead
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  • Summer in Florida RP
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    "Seraphina Aveline Blaylock
    Age: 18
    Status: Single
    Species: Half Angel/Half Witch" — @thedeargooddead
    Summer in Florida RP is a group of 26 players of Dogzer whose creator is misspopular and the current manager is. Dogzer counts 4364 other groups allowing the dogs enthusiasts to get together.
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    "Belladonna Aeronwen Dragomiloff
    Age: 17
    Status: Single
    Species: Half Demon/Half Witch" — @thedeargooddead
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    "Mary Ann Jeter
    Age: 27
    Status: Married (to Ulysses)
    Species: Human
    Children: 2 on the way" — @thedeargooddead
  • It's so good to see you.
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    Age: N/A
    Status: Married ( to Lela Rae)
    Species: Angel
    Children: Seraphina" — @thedeargooddead
    Welcome to this tumblr dedicated to the beautiful ship of Balthazar/Castiel. Currently being run by...
  • Crowley - Super-wiki
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    Age: N/A
    Status: Divorced (from Lela Rae)
    Species: Demon
    Children: Belladonna" — @thedeargooddead

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Wrote three years ago
Seraphina Aveline:
Lela Rae:

Wrote three years ago
Disclaimer: I OWN NOTHING. All images were clipped from Tumblr. Characters are mine, but pictures are not.

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