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Sooooooo I stole those beyond lovely pictures of Olivia Lefebre from @theporcelaindoll :))

Short bloggy below. My life is pretty uneventful right now except for a few things.
1. Does anyone at all have an Instagram? I'd love to do a follow for a follow, just PM me! I'm kinda obsessed with it and I follow some random people. But it'd be cool if I knew you through Poly :)
2. I got my prom shoes this past weekend! I haven't really found them online anywhere, but they're peep-toe pumps that are very glittery and silver and not too too high. I posted a picture of them on Instagram, again if you have one... But they're pretty and go great with my "pistachio" colored prom dress!
3. I love those Jenni Kayne shoes. I need some like those. I used to have some, I don't know what happened to them... #shoemonstersatethem
4. I've been teaching @glitterinmyviens the way of the hashtags. I am glad to amuse her. #ballin'
5. OKAY SO THE OSCARS LAST NIGHT. Why in the world did The Artists and Hugo win everything... I know, I haven't seen either of those movies, but that made me mad. I was more mad that The Iron Lady beat Harry Potter on makeup.... like, how do they even compare... But I was glad to see Octavia Spencer win for The Help, though Viola Davis should have won over Meryl Streep... Anyway, that's how it usually goes. The critics rarely like the same movies as the people who actually go see the movies.
6. I have homework. Blechhh @istylista quick, let's trade places so I don't have school some days. Haha xP
7. One Direction has been playing my car stereo for like at least 2 weeks straight now, but I do not care whatsoever. I will never get tired! I went to Target on Saturday and under the "coming soon" CDs it had Up All Night and I completely freaked. Didn't care who saw. THAT'S MY BOYS. #theydeserveit
8. I was gonna say something else... But I forget what it is... Um... OH YEAH MY BIRTHDAY IS SATURDAY. That's crazy... Less than a week away! At least it's not on a school day this year so people who barely even know me won't say "Happy Birthday" to me! Isn't that annoying? Like, I know you're trying to be nice, but I don't even know you. #awkward
9. Also, it's obvious I love pastels. Pretty much all my sets lately have been in light sweet colors. I just love them <3

HAVE A MARVELOUS WEEK MY DEARS. Keep it classy, San Diego. <--- Will Ferrel and Zach Galfinakas were funny last night xD Anyway, also keep it 1D-FUL :))

xx Taylor
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