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Soul Calibur saga dreamcast
Terry O'Quinn as Voldo
Voldo was born Palermo, Kingdom of Naples (present-day Italy). He was the right-hand man of Italian weapons merchant Vercci, known as the Merchant of Death, due to his business with the Spanish Armada. Vercci desired Soul Edge to form part of his collection of rare weapons, and Voldo stood as the head of the expeditions in his search, even contracting the services of the feared Spanish Captain Cervantes de Leon, and later accompanied Vercci when he decided to take the search personally. When word came that the Italian Wars broke on Italy and that Vercci's possessions were the first targets, Vercci grew angry. He moved his fleet, his only remaining possession, on an uninhabited island off the coast of Sicily in the Mediterranean Sea and dug a 50-mt deep shaft that would serve as his tomb and vault. Voldo would later be instructed to slay the sailors that helped in the construction to avoid the location of Vercci's Money Pit to be revealed, then later shut himself with his deceased master. Years later, Voldo would hear his master's voice commanding him to search Soul Edge once again, making him leave the tomb to do so.

He was born on August 25th, 1541. He was 43 years old in Soul Blade, 46 in Soul Calibur, 50 in Soul Calibur II, III and IV and 67 in Soul Calibur V. He has appeared in all games, except for Soul Calibur Legends.
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