bliss azalea astrid abraxas

✧ full name : bliss azalea astrid abraxas
✧ pronunciation : | bliss | uh-zay-lee-ya | a-strid | a-brack-sus |
✧ nickname(s) : really just bliss :]
✧ age : [ 14-16 ] sixteen
✧ grade : junior
- - - -
✧ nationality : 40% greek, 30% brazilian, 30% austrian.
✧ hometown : the breathtaking town of st. moriz in the lofty swiss alps.
✧ family :
stephen constantine abraxas, father.
genevieve adelea tempton-abraxas, mother.
dinah callista abraxas, sister.
roman dean abraxas, brother.
don't forget bliss azalea astrid abraxas.
- - - -
✧ short biography : [ told in bliss’s words.]
/ “hello, i’m bliss. you may not know me, but that’s the whole point of this: it’s to tell you about my life - including all the dirty little details.
so i was born on august 2nd at the sinclair hospital up in manhattan. since the day of my birth, i have been showered with everything a girl could ever dream of. plus, i have been on tv, featured in photo shoots/magazines, and attended countless elite parties. what’s not to love about my life?
most things. i know i may sound like a unthankful brat, but there is more to that than what meets the eye. the abraxos family is shattered. ever since roman’s death, everything’s been spiraling downhill. dad always preferred dinah, her and her angelic persona, no matter how fake she could get sometimes. mom was no mom at all. she was apart from the family, never really treating anyone as a real mom would. we felt like acquaintances, nothing more, nothing less. dinah was a super nice girl; i don’t think she has lied before. we never really hit it off too well though. roman was more than my brother. he was just like me, we understood each other perfectly. sometimes i feel like i’m his twin, not dinah.
fast forward life.
i’m sixteen and i just lost my memory, roman, and landon. dinah told me he left me. i can’t be sure, but that’s all the evidence i have. i guess i just have to believe. to make matters worse, i find out that my dad is cheating on my mom with his “financial advisor”. the pain starts to seep in, and i feel like i’m being dragged down by an anchor - underwater and can’t breathe. i’m not sure if my mother knows, something in her eyes tells me yes. but i can’t help but think she doesn’t care. she doesn’t care, and has never cared for anyone!
what a messed up life for a supposedly “perfect” girl. i just want to escape everything, learn to let go. over these past months, i’ve been drifting near the surface of the water. i just need someone to drag me up, give me that final push. so i’ve persuaded my parents to let me enroll at cape grove so that i can start over with a fresh slate, no impurities, no secrets. i’m here for a new start, and i’m here to find that somebody who might give me the final push. at least i hope to.” /
✧ secret(s) :
it was one lovely june day. the sky was bright and clear as bliss slipped into her crimson lamborghini, hands laced between landon’s fingers. together, they were planning on a day spent at the beach in the rolling waves and the refreshing sea air.
/ “what about venice beach?” my wide-eyed gaze locked into landon’s gentle eyes, and he replied. “wouldn’t you rather go somewhere, you know, more romantic? like el matador?” coyly, landon grinned, teasing me by imitating my “romantic” personality. “oh please,” i giggled. “i’m not even that romantic. all i want is an underwater kiss.” sweeping my slim fingers through my tousled waves, my mind scanned the never-ending list of beaches. a thought suddenly occurred. “hey landon? what about leo carillo state park?” “i want to take the time to tell you i love you, but we will have plenty of time to do that once we get to leo carillo.” i squeezed his hand tightly, and he squeezed back as the engine roared to life. /
soon enough, half way through the trip, the real tragedy happened. while they were cruising along a narrow road, roman popped out of the back seat.
/ abruptly, a familiar shout shattered landon and my conversation. roman? “hello you two lovebirds.” roman grinned sheepishly. “roman, man, when did you become such a stalker?” landon turned his head back, an understanding look reflected in his eyes. he threw his head back and laughed. /
but bliss didn’t think it was so funny. “LANDON!” she screamed at the top of her lungs the moment she saw their ferrari inching towards the car in the front. landon immediately swerved to the side and crashed into a palm tree. since roman was not strapped in by any seat belt, the overwhelming momentum threw him out of the car. just like that, roman died. landon knocked his head on an airbag, leading him into a concussion. bliss was violently knocked to the side and smashed her head against the polished car door before the whole world turned black.
three months later...
bliss woke up in a hospital room to the sight of her mother, her father, and dinah.
/ “wha-wha... who are you?” /
bliss had lost all her memory. dinah urged her parents to leave the room, telling them she wanted to tell bliss something important. she told bliss the whole story, who she was, what had happened... except she distorted the truth. dinah was hopelessly in love with landon, and despised seeing the couple together. she told bliss that landon had left her right after the accident. he never loved her enough and was not willing to sacrifice himself.
where was landon, though? he had come out of the hospital after a month. and after that incident, he shamefully hid himself. living with the burden that he had killed someone, he was consumed by the overwhelming guilt. additionally, he felt as if he did not deserve bliss’s forgiveness. on the other hand, dinah announced to bliss that landon ran off with another girl and didn’t even look back. unfortunately, bliss believed dinah’s tale, and was heartbroken. she still is to this day, and secretly prays that she will see landon once again, even if he is with another girl. </3
- - - -
✧ appearance : [ adri-adri-adriana lima xD ]
such beauty should be illegal.
[ h a i r ]
drenched in a pattern of the most heavenly golds, her lush tresses loosely tumble down her smooth back and reach just above her tight waist. towards her scalp, they appear in a darker shade of luscious chocolate while the ends are tinged with a radiant light blonde.
[ s k i n ]
naturally, bliss's skin appears to be a muted tan, glowing as the sun's rays graze her complexion. she loves to tan during the summer, and during the winter her porcelain skin does slightly pale. any blemishes or scars are non-existent, as her skin feels supple and silken. last but not least are her perfectly sculpted cheekbones, subtle but daring and perfect. a touch of hushed pink dawns her complexion along her high cheekbones.
[ f i g u r e ]
bliss maintains a breathtaking figure, not a single ounce of delectable fat anywhere resulting from her daily workouts. yes, unlike many girls, she sees working out as a pleasure rather than a chore. additionally, she prefers healthy greens and turns away from fried foods. she just doesn’t like the feeling of slippery oil on her tongue. she has graceful, skyscraper legs and large c-cups. last but not least, her stomach is flat but nicely toned while her arms remain elegant and long.
[ e y e s ]
landon used to say, "i get lost in your eyes, bliss." most people do, actually. above her eyes lie a set of carefully plucked eyebrows, arched into a sexy angle. moving down. framed with a row of healthy lashes, they are a soft shade of sea greens, swirling with passion. they often reflect her feelings. these particular eyes are hauntingly beautiful, always threatening to pull you into her chain of never-ending love. don’t get lost.
[ n o s e ]
there's not much to say about her nose, except that it's flawless. it's slopes down the middle of her face at a straight angle.
[ l i p s ]
perfect pout. that's bliss. her hushed pink lips are normally formed into a slight yet enchanting smile. she has a signature collection of smiles - seductive, tempting, genuine, shy, confident, outgoing, and sweet. or just the polite smile.
✧ personality :
growing up in a spacious villa in the remote swiss countryside influenced her personality. all day, she was surrounded by the lovely sounds of nature: wind whistling, the pond swishing, birds chirping, and the occasional “plink” of a raindrop. she grew up watching snow white, knowing that was who she wanted to be. thus, she learned to welcome nature with open arms and be gentle, kind, and quiet. she was also caring, a virtuous fire blazing in her heart. in other words, she was simply a saint.
10 years later, the fire in heart darkened, burning as passionate as sin. family moved into budapest, a bustling city where no one cares who gives a shit who you are... except when you’re an abraxas. soon after, bliss abandoned her sugar sweet image and discovered a whole new side to her. she was wild, outgoing, yet classy, always ready for whatever god would throw at her next. sometimes she even turned mysterious, a daring smile planted on her lips. but don’t forget, bliss was known for being a bit naughty, and once in a while, naughtier than chuck bass’s infamous burlesque club. (ahh gg season 1!)
yet all things come to an end. and the abraxos’s reign of budapest vanished once they moved again, this time, to the upper east side. say hello to new york. it was here where bliss learned to play by different rules, meaning this time, to juggle her two split personalities. now, she is a nice balance of naughty and nice, embracing her individuality. overall, bliss is fearless, tempting, and carefree, but all the while, caring, considerate, benevolent, and passionate. then again, you never know when you’re with this girl.
✧ strengths/weaknesses :
she’s open with her feelings but never lets a secret slip past her lips. she can be trusted, and she also sees her “mystery” as a strength when it comes to luring boys. wink wink. her biggest strength could be how real she is. many girls her age are just all about looks, but she’s more about life in general. what it is to live in the moment, cherish its gifts, and just letting go. above all, fun! she does fun. a lot.
considering what has happened in the recent past, it is only natural that bliss has major trust issues. she can be trusted, but no matter what her counselor says... she. will. trust. no. one. "trust no bi+ch." after all, you never know when someone might leave you like landon did, lie to you like dinah did, die like roman did, or even just not care like her parents did. thus, she keeps everything bottled deep inside of her, but sometimes the pressure gets too big to handle. as a result, she explodes, in fury, rage, despair, ect. lastly, bliss gets jealous quite easily, although she just never shows it. she's protective and defensive as well.
✧ invite only clique preference : elites baby. it just fits.
✧ non-invite clique preference : i don't really have a pref. probably lancaster.
✧ desire to be an alpha? : [ yes / no ] nope.
✧ if yes, then why do you deserve such an honor? : --
- - - -
✧ activeness : a solid 8/10
✧ anything extra? : nopey dopey.
✧ sample roleplay : the introduction, or part one.
| |
thank you for reading xD


Wrote three years ago
hehe whoops. i guess i would prefer elites now, considering i've posted here. and i really want to rp there :D i'll do my best. @capegrovehigh

Wrote three years ago
i didn't even see that yesterday.
would you still prefer platinums?
you make a strong argument for platinums ^-^

Wrote three years ago

Wrote three years ago
well no i just wanted you to see both sides of a story i guess :)

Wrote three years ago
so you would prefer the platinums?

Wrote three years ago
you earned it darling.
it's creative and unique.
it's still up to you to show you deserve the elite spot.
but i couldn't put you anywhere less with this quality of enrollment.
and you're welcome (:

Wrote three years ago
oh my god i'm hyperventilating. thank. you. so. much.
AHHH. <3

Wrote three years ago
best enrollment i've seen.

Wrote three years ago
now that i think about it, i would say it's a wiser choice for cgh to put me in the platinums cause i'm not as experienced as the elites. i haven't been a cgher for long, but im determined to become somewhat a "veteran" one day. i can just imagine me talking to the new members in the future, telling them about when I first joined... daydreams aside... yeah. you get the point.


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