Bliss 'Poetic Waxing' At-Home Hair Removal Kit
  • Elemis 'Time for Men' Smooth Result Shave Oil
    This multipurpose shave oil softens facial hair and prepares the skin for the ultimate smooth, close shave, leaving the skin fully nourished and moisturized. Packed with a blend of vitamin-rich herbal oils to suit all skin types, this is the ideal pre-shave or shaving medium. 1.2 oz. By Elemis.
  • Bliss Poetic Waxing At-Home Hair Removal Kit
    What it is: An at-home hair-removal kit. What it does: Originally developed for exclusive use in Bliss Spas, Bliss Poetic Waxing™ is the first-ever safe and effective, low-temperature and aromatherapy-based hair-removal system. Gentle enough for sensitive skin and suitable for use on nearly any part of the face or body, this complete waxing kit makes head-to-toe hair removal comfortable, convenient, and easy. This set contains: 5.3 oz microwaveable cup filled with Bliss Poetic Wax. 1.0 oz Bliss Poetic Waxing Super Skin Cleanser. 1.0 oz Bliss Poetic Waxing Pre And Post-Waxing Oil. 3 x large spatulas. 3 x small spatulas. Free sample of an Ingrown Eliminating Pad. Complete waxing instructions. What else you need to know: Now in a microwaveable cup, this waxing system is even easier to use! Colorful, stripless, aromatherapeutic wax lets you see where you are applying, so there is minimal mess. Wax shrink-wraps the hair to pull it straight out from the root; it can grab even the shortest, coarsest, and most stubborn growth that other waxes miss.
  • Murdock London Mini Shave Travel Set (Pre Shave Oil 15ml, Shave Cream 50ml, Post Shave Balm 15ml) Presented in slim blue box
    Perfect for maintaining your shaving routine when you're on-the-go, the Murdock Mini Shave Travel Set contains everything you need to enjoy a close and comfortable shave, whilst keeping your skin moisturised and nourished. Presented in a slim blue box, this handy trio of products will keep your skin feeling soft and smooth. L.M. Contains: Pre Shave Oil 15ml: It gently softens your whiskers to help your razor glide more smoothly over your skin, whilst sweet almond, wheat germ, bergamot and orange moisturise your skin whilst you shave, helping to keep it nourished. Shave Cream 50ml: Rich and luxurious, it's enriched with evening primrose, borage, sunflower oil, green tea and marshmallow to nourish and soften your skin, whilst the blend of citrus-based oils create a zesty and invigorating fragrance that will uplift your senses. Producing a luscious lather, this hydrating shave cream will allow you to enjoy a close and comfortable shave. Post Shave Balm: With a signature citrus scent that's based on the Avalon fragrance, the balm is enriched with chamomile, calendula and menthol to heal and refresh your skin, working to minimise the risk of redness, burning and irritation. Your skin will be healed and your pores refined, so you feel comfortable after your shave.
  • Barbiere Shave Cream Jar
    Acqua di Parma combines its distinguished heritage of artisan craftsmanship with the expertise of master Italian barbers to redefine grooming rituals for the modern gentleman. Ideal for thicker beards and those who prefer traditional shaving methods. The rich texture instantly creates a luxurious foam when mixed with a shaving brush and hot water. Organic pomegranate, lemon and basil extracts protect skin from razor irritation and ensure a consistently superior shave. Hyaluronic acid provides anti-aging benefits. Unscented. 4.4oz.
  • Acqua di Parma Collezione Barbiere Shaving Cream Tube
    Acqua di Parma combines its distinguished heritage of artisan craftsmanship with the expertise of master Italian barbers to redefine grooming rituals for the modern gentleman. This soft, creamy texture is suitable for use with or without a shaving brush. Organic pomegranate, lemon and basil extracts protect skin from razor irritation and ensure a consistently superior shave, while hyaluronic acid provides anti-aging benefits. The convenient tube packaging is ideal for travel. Unscented.
  • Bliss Wax To The Max The Ultimate Fuzz-Removing, Bump-Banishing Duo
    What it is: A collection of hair-removing essentials that leave skin soothed and extra-smooth from brows to legs. What it does: Go bare in confidence with this spa-strength collection designed to free you from fuzz and trouble-causing stubble. The microwavable wax is made of the same formula found in the Bliss spas, known to expertly remove even the shortest hairs, from eyebrow arches to ankles. Use the cleanser to prep legs and the waxing oil to soften skin before and after hair removal. The Ingrown Eliminating Pads are a must between waxes-a simple swipe tackles lumps and bumps with exfoliating alpha and beta hydroxyl acids and soothes with oat extract. This set contains: 5.3 oz Poetic Wax™ In Microwavable Cup. 50 Ingrown Eliminating Pads, plus 1 travel sample. 1.0 oz Poetic Waxing Super Skin Cleanser™ 1.0 oz Poetic Waxing Pre-and Post-Waxing Oil™ 3 small spatulas. 3 large spatulas. Complete Waxing Guide.
  • Tend Skin Tendskin In-Growing Hair Solution 472ml
    The ingrowing hair solution from Tendskin is a proven and effectibe treatment to stop ingrown hairs from occurring. Benefits: Prevents ingrown hairs. Suitable for use after shaving, waxing and electrolysis. Use on mens faces and necks, womens legs, underarms and bikini lines. Brand: Tend Skin.
  • Bliss Poetic Waxing Kit 1 ea
    Now in a new microwaveable cup! Used in Bliss Spa's famously painless waxing services, bliss poetic wax is the first-ever safe and effective low-temperature aromatherapy-based hair removal system. Gentle enough for sensitive skin - and suitable for use on any part of the face or body - this complete waxing kit makes at-home head-to-toe hair removal easy, comfortable and convenient. Set includes bliss poetic wax, mild super skin cleanser to prep skin for waxing, calming waxing oil, and 3 large and small spatulas.
  • Karin Herzog After Shave Balm
    After Shave Balm by Karin Herzog is a concentrated oxygen and vitamin cream especially for men. A mans skin is thicker than that of the fairer sex, and they need the concentrated 2% oxygen to enable the product to penetrate into the tissues, where it works to refine, heal, replenish, hydrate and normalise. This exceptional After Shave Balm by Karin Herzog sterilises the skin after shaving, heals minor nicks and cuts, prevents in-growing hairs and stops razor-burn. Brand: Karin Herzog. Volume: 50ml.
  • Barbiere Shave Oil
    Acqua di Parma combines its distinguished heritage of artisan craftsmanship with the expertise of master Italian barbers to redefine grooming rituals for the modern gentleman. This unscented pre-shave treatment forms a protective barrier against the skin. Organic pomegranate, lemon and basil extracts work to gently lift beard hair for a more accurate shave. Lightweight formula rinses off easily with no residue.
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  • Baxter of California Shave 1.2.3.
    Conventional wet shaving not only provides the closest shave possible, but nothing beats the luxury or pleasure of lathering up a quality badger brush and shaving in a traditionally masculine way. Includes 10fl oz. Super Close Shave Formula, 4 fl oz. After Shave Balm and Baxter Travel Shave Brush.
  • Zirh Shave Gel Ultra
    This Shave Gel Ultra by Zirh is a soothing shave cream that helps to soften facial hair with its hydrating formula, allowing you to achieve a close and comfortable shave. Utilising a unique blend of essential oils, this shaving gel helps to calm and protect your skin from the risk or irritation and razor burn. Brand: Zirh.
  • Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads 50 pads
    From our spa to your skin™ To help keep stubble from causing trouble. A must between waxing or shaving sessions, these single-use swipes tackle hair-rasing lumps and bumps with alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Soaked in antioxidant green tea and soothing, smoothing oat extract, they'll get to the 'root' of your ingrown issues on the 'stubble.' gently exfoliates with salicylic acid and glycolic acid. Soothes with oat extract, witch hazel and lavender oil. Great for men to prevent post-shaving "beard bumps" doubles as an exfoliating treatment for rough upper arm bumps. Made in USA.
  • Baxter Of California Shave 1.2.3
    Conventional wet shaving kit from Baxter of California, including a trio of products for the closest shave possible. Super Close Shave Formula (2 oz. / 60 Ml. / JAR) After Shave Balm (4 oz. / 120 Ml.) Baxter Best Badger Shave Brush. Made in USA.
  • Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads
    What it is: An ingrown-hair treatment. What it is formulated to do: Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads help nix ingrown hairs anywhere on the body. A must between waxing or shaving sessions, these single-use swipes tackle hair-raising lumps and bumps with alpha and beta hydroxy acids. Soaked in antioxidant green tea and soothing, smoothing oat extract, they'll get to the root of your ingrown issues. What else you need to know: This multipurpose solution is a great cure for men's beard bumps as well!
  • Remington EP6030C 3-in-1 Cordless Epilator
    Working to get you feeling silky smooth, this EP6030C 3-in-1 Cordless Epilator from Remington boasts an innovative design that allows for efficient and easy hair removal. Featuring the Body Curve System, a rounded tweezer barrel that follows your bosy's natural contours, and Skin Glide technology, this epilator gives you the smoothest epilating experience yet. Features: BodyCurveSystem: - slim rounded head - curved tweezer barrel. Moisturizing rollers for a smooth and silky result. Patented Skin Glide Technology. Massage fingers (18) 42 Tweezer system. Cord / Cordless - Up to 40 min usage time. 2 speeds, fast and slow, epilate to your comfort level. Additional foil shaving head. Additional precision epilator head for sensitive areas (12 tweezers) Charging Indicator light. Brand: Remington.
  • Korres Absinthe Heady Shave Cream 125ml
    Rich in skin loving ingredients, this Absinthe Heady Shave Cream from Korres ensures for a close shave by assisting the razor to glide. Formulated with a mild pH to prevent skin roughness whilst Absinthe extract enriches skin with essential oils to soothe skin and protect it from irritation. Brand: Korres.
  • KORRES Absinthe Heady Shave Cream for Men
    Soothe your skin and protect from irritation with Korres' absinthe infused shave cream. Rich ingredients coat the skin for a smooth shave. Brushless, non-foaming, milder pH level than lathering cream. Absinthe extract both soothes and protects from roughness and post-shave irritation. No Material info available.
  • Living Nature Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel (100ml)
    Essential for that close, comfortable shave, this Gentle Cleansing Shaving Gel from Living Nature is a non drying gel that provides excellent razor slip for the smoothest shave. Formulated specificaly for men's skin, this gently cleansing gel removes impurities whilst soothing and calming, leaving your skin super soft. Containing Active Manuka Honey that softly exfoliates, rejuvenates and nourishes and antimicrobial Manuka Oil to combat skin irritation and blemishes, this Shaving Gel is a must have. K.D. Directions of use: Apply a small amount to wet face and lather. Shave and rinse. Follow with Soothing Aftershave Gel. For all skin types. Made with 100% natural ingredients, Living Nature has harnessed the purifying, healing and nourishing power of New Zealand's unique native botanicals including: Harakeke Flax Gel, Totarol, Manuka Honey, Manuka Oil, Hallo Clay and Kelp. Living nature has never and will never test on animals. Living Nature contains absolutely no synthetic ingredients or endocrine disruptors. The full range is Certified Natural by BDIH Germany, and many of the products carry the Whole Foods Premium Body Care standard. The products are independently verified for safety, plus they have one of the best ratings in the Skin Deep Cosmetic Safety Database. Living Nature's policy: if there is any doubt about the safety of an ingredient, we don’t use it. Instead, they harness the incredible bioactive power of New Zealand’s native plants with their nourishing, purifying and healing skin benefits. Their highly effective energetic skincare is designed to enhance your skin’s own natural function. This efficacy is reviewed with ongoing independent testing. Brand: Living Nature. Size: Travel Size. Bottle Size: 100ml.
  • The Art of Shaving The 4 Elements of the Perfect Shave™ – Ocean Kelp
    What it is: A four-piece collection of full-size The Art of Shaving essentials for a clean, smooth shave. What it is formulated to do: Avoid discomfort and enjoy the refreshing results of a brilliant shave with these The Art of Shaving favorites. Prevent and minimize common discomforts like razor burn, ingrown hairs, nicks, and cuts, and feel soothed by ocean kelp and aromatic essential oils. The Pre-Shave Gel contains a blend of essential oils and marine extracts to hydrate and soften the beard, allowing a close shave without an oily residue. The Shaving Cream is formulated with glycerin to hydrate hair and improve razor glide. The After-Shave Lotion leaves the skin hydrated and refreshed with natural sea kelp extract, keeping you suave and exceptionally groomed. This set contains: 5 oz Shaving Cream. 2 oz Pre-Shave Gel. 3.4 oz After-Shave Lotion. Pure Badger Black Shaving Brush.
  • Jack Earl I'm Your Huckleberry Pre-Shave Oil
    Prep your skin for a super-smooth shave with this pre-shave oil, formulated to soften your whiskers and ensure a smooth, gentle razor glide, minimizing nicks and cuts. Apply the peppermint and huckleberry-scented oil to skin, then let sit for 1-2 minutes before shaving for optimum results. CONTENT + CARE: Ingredients: Olive oil, castor oil, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, huckleberry oil, peppermint oil. Imported. SIZE: 2.00oz.
  • Task Essential Sweet Shave Lather
    Use: For sensitive and irritated skin. Activates: Soothing gel lather that combines vegetal extracts (Aloe Vera) and essential oils (Eucalyptus) to soften facial hair. Cephalin promotes healing and regeneration of skin lipids. Results: Moisturizing and hypoallergenic for a gentle shave. Helps the blade to slide over the skin for an accurate shave and prevents razor burn.
  • Omorovicza Soothing Shave Cream
    Omorovicza's moisturizing and soothing shave cream combines the anti-inflammatory properties of Hungarian minerals and the cooling quality of camphor and menthol. Key ingredients: pineapple extract, rosemary extract, plum almond oil, apricot kernel oil, vitamin E, sea mayweed. 5 oz. By Omorovicza.
  • Tend Skin Air Shave Gel 16 oz (480 ml)
    Nonfoaming, Moisturizing Shaving Gel. Our new shave gel is made from the finest ingredient combination we could develop. It far exceeds the lubricity of any shave gel on the market. Try rubbing it between your fingers and see for yourself. It simply doesn't dry out! You'll shave closer than ever! AIR SHAVE® Gel leaves your skin with a satin like feeling and fully moisturized, not dry like other shaving gels and creams. The gel is so effective at reducing friction, you will be less likely to cut or scrape the skin. AIR SHAVE® Gel prevents those "afternoon nubs" on women's legs, by offering an extra close shave. Our gel will not only allow ease of shaving, but its moisturizing properties will soothe the skin for hours. The following is a brief description of the "unusual" ingredients in Air Shave® Gel : Glycerin: Improves spreading quality. Polyquaternium 10: Cellulose polymer, conditioning agent. Silicone: Lubricant. Dimethicone Copolyol: Provides soft feel. Polysorbate 20: Solubilizer, emulsifier, viscosity modifier, stabilizer of essential oils in water. PVP/VA: (Polyvinylpyrrolidine): Water/wear resistance, pigment dispersion, non-greasy feel, improved "stick" integrity. Tetrasodium EDTA: Preservative. Propylene Glycol: Moisture carrier, skin permeant, non-greasy feel, solvent for anti-oxidants and preservatives, acts as a preservative. Diazolidinyl Urea: Antiseptic, deodorizer, broad spectrum preservative. Methylparaben: Preservative. Propylparaben: Preservative. Chloroxylenol: Preservative. Made in the USA. 1-800-940-8423.
  • Geo F Trumper Trumpers Shave Cream - Rose 200gm Tub
    Brand: Geo F Trumper.