hey, it's been too long since i did anything on this account awks but its cause of midterms...

my life lately has been
study, stress out, study, study - midyear - study, study, nap, study, - midyear - study, study, study - midyear - study, eat, study, study some more, - two midyears in a row

nott fun

so like last weekend or something i dont remember the exact day but jake came over to my apartment so we could study for an upcoming midterm. so we were like taking a study break & i was just browsing facebook on my iphone & jake was doing god knows what when i saw the pretty little liar's facebook fanpage announce that THE NOTEBOOK was playing on abc family at 8 pm & i flipped out because it was EXACTLY 8:O8 pm so i was like JAAKKEE we MUST watch the notebook!!!11! & he was like, noo, we must study, & i was like, puhlease, we have like a few days, but this cant waitt. & he was all reluctant but i finally convinced him to watch it with me, & we came in on the part where they were laying down in the middle of the street & i was like ahhh ♥(: haha okaay. & then during commercials we muted the tv & studied our butts off looolll. but then like at the end of the movie i was legitimately crying SO hard & my face was like so gross & red and then after i was done crying i had the WORST headache, so 'bertha' came up to cuddle with me & jake(: ♥ & my head was hurting so badly so i fell asleep on jake's lap while he was petting my hair (': d'aww it was really cutee. but then when my mom came home i guess i was like fidgeting all through my sleep because i woke up to my mom & jake cracking up, & it turned out i was face-down on jake's lap lmfao, i can only iMAGiNE what my mom was thinking.... awks ♥ im lucky that my ma & jake are like tight though & she trusts us soo(:

well yeah i hope my midterms went welll ♥

oh & the kid im tutoring, his mom laid me off... um. she was like, "yeah i think you've helped enough" & i dont know if that was sarcastic or not but i hope it wasnt because YOU KNOW WHAT, i brought that child up from a C+ to a B+, i should be working at kumon or something, thassright btches come at mee! but yeah so when i told my dad he felt bad so he offered to let me work at one of his restaurants. he originally wanted me to work at like his fanciest one but i was like, uhhnoo. id rather not serve uptight hoes.... but yeah so ill be working for my dad now. cool

um & bertha is like BEAUTIFUL. i love her so muchh(: my mom's pissed that i call her bertha when it's not really her name but idrc, because i forgot her actual name & i think that one is ugly anyway LMFAO, i feel bad for my kids... their names'll really be something!

okayy & omg the people directly upstairs from our apartment put their apartment up for sale not too long ago! & it sucks because they're so old & sweett(: but uhm my mom & dad are SERIOUSLY considering buying that apartment & renovating ours into a duplex. which would be like absolutely amazingg, i've never ever lived in a two-story before :O! but idk if they will but i hope they do! i mean but like it is kind of dumb though because we don't actually NEED all the extra space but still it would be really coolio if it happened (: ♥

but yeah thats all folks
kpce ♥
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