Exact shirt and pants I'm wearing tomorrow .


James brought Abby some chocolate and a teddy bear today how cute .

In science today , keimy told me Steven was staring and smiling at me today , like half the period & we talked about how valentines day was singles awareness day & we joked around with Cameron and then during math and social studies he smiled at me from across the room a few times. 

& me and destinee ate a bagel and muffin together and took loads of pics and videos. Do you guys want to see them? 

Idk comment what you think about Stephen & your day .

Peace ill be on my iPod.

Add @neverlandweeklyxo me & @frannyboy-xo @mirandahalee2 & @nerdychic-xx are running it and everything thing will start tomorrow 

I'll cover a song tomorrow 

Pm me , I might answer If I'm not on YouTube , tell me how fabulous I am . Lol no I'm not , you are . Anyone notice my weird icon pic, lol
V day- 2013

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