okay so my night was amazinggg. (:

i got to my sisters house at like 4, and went to my friend kristin's house with her to play dance central on the xbox kinnect. then kristin and i went to denny's with my dad while my sister stayed back to shower & get ready.

then my sister and i went to the movies with her three friends & her girlfriend (don't judge). we saw 'red riding hood' and it was pretty good. then we went to dairy queen and there were these REALLY HOT GUYS there, but i tried to refrain from flirting with them cause of ryan lmao so that kinda sucked. but then we were walking back from dairy queen to the movie theater to get picked up and we ran into the cops, who like interrogated us or whatever, and they were asking so many questions. but we played it cool, cause we didn't have anything to hida anyway, and he let us go and told us not to walk across the highway anymore at night lolololll.

so yeahhh it was really fun, tons of inside jokesss. (;

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