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  • FOREVER 21 Cutout D-Frame Sunglasses
    These D-frame sunglasses feature cutout contrast arms and gradated lenses. The perfect way to show off this unique pair is pool side with a messy updo. Lightweight. 2" Height x 5" width. Imported.
  • FOREVER 21 F7943 Oversized Square Sunglasses
    A pair of oversized square sunglasses featuring gradated lenses. Lightweight. DETAILS: approx. 2.5" Height x 6" width. 100% UV Protection. Imported.
  • FOREVER 21 Oversized D-Frame Sunglasses
    This pair of overized D-frame sunglasses features gradated lenses and a solid frame. Throw these on during sunny days for a sleek and sophisticated look. Lightweight. 0.75" Width x 2.5" length. Imported.
  • FOREVER 21+ PLUS SIZES Pentagonal Tortoiseshell Sunglasses
    Accessories are an effortless way to add glamour to your everyday uniform - and this pair of sunglasses will definitely do the job. These feature oversized pentagonal tortoiseshell frames and gradated lenses. Lightweight. 2.25" Height x 6" width. Imported.
  • FOREVER 21+ PLUS SIZES Square Sunglasses
    These sunglasses feature a square tortoise frames and gradated lens. Perfect for everyday wear, throw these on before you head out the door. Lightweight. 2.5" Height x 6" width. Imported.