Battle of the Supernatural

Round 1: Chosen Character: Lily Redfern
From: Night World Series by LJ Smith

"It is exactly as it sounds; you base your set off your character. If your character is from a book pick the person you think would be your character."
[X] - A picture of your character where we can see his/her true nature. (5 points)
[X] - A quote from your character (5 points) "You're weak. You're short lived. You're not very bright and not very important. In a word you're... dinner."
[X] - Explain why you chose this character. (5 points)
[X] - Tag your team. (5 points)
Lily Redfern is a 400 year old lamia vampire, and the second-oldest daughter of Hunter Redfern and the witch Maeve Harman. Of all Hunter's children, Lily is the strongest supporter of her father's darker motives and shares his hatred for human beings. 

I chose her as my character because she is dark and cold, and I find this in a character fascinating. She doesn't care who she hurts and is a wild card. Lily isn't a major character, but she definitely has an influence on events in the series.

Models: Nina Dobrev as Lily Redfern, David Wenham as Hunter Redfern

Song: 'Living Dead Girl' by Rob Zombie

Vampre Teammates:
-Damon Salvatore @bethbabe101
-Caroline Forbs @papaioannou-cathrine
-Elena Gilbert @themightypeacock
-Rebekah Mikaelson @moo-moo416
-Katherine Pierce @ginader
-Selene @aurora-zg
-Zoey Redbird @asktheravens
-Christian @erbodd
-Desari Daratrazanoff @xx-eneri-xx
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