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WHICH billionaire heiress has been spotted stumbling, blind off her face, out of more than one LA club? The A-list daughter, who has tried (but failed) to carve out a singing and acting career for herself, has reportedly turned to drugs and alcohol for a little help, but she doesn’t know the meaning of the word moderation. 
Name: Catherine Woodley
Age: 22
Hometown: Orange County, CA
Known for: being the only child of super famous actor Darren Woodley and his billionaire-by-blood ex-wife Mandy Donald; being the face of Marc Jacobs at just thirteen; having a number one single at sixteen (which didn’t go anywhere after that); her glamorous fashion style and life style; throwing raucous A-list Only parties; getting caught in illegal activity before her 21st birthday; starring in a hyped-up indie film with Emma Watson that tanked miserably.
Model: Lily Collins 
Collection: http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/collection?id=1708421

1. Catherine Woodley
2. Michaela 'Micky' Wiltshire
3. Penny Phillips
4. Ashley Magnussen

“Darren Woodley is reportedly seeing another woman twelve years after his split with Hollywood tycoon Mandy Donald. Darren has dated off-and-on since divorcing Mandy, but nothing as serious as this supposed new woman. The two were spotted at The Grove last Wednesday…” 

I turned off the TV and rolled my eyes. The supposed “new woman” was Aunt Karla, and E! News was too stupid to realize that since she had dyed her hair dark auburn and turned to round sunglasses instead of her ever-present wayfarers. Dad had been meeting with her lately because my a-shole cousin Sanford, Dad’s godson, was apparently using his college fund for drugs. 

Little did Dad know that his own daughter was doing the same thing, only much more secretively. And like I needed to dig into my college fund. What was college anyway? When I had met Natalie Portman a few years back she told me it was a waste of her time, despite what she tells the magazines. Same with James Franco. Only he told me some other things… But that was besides the point.

“I’ll be back,” I yelled out to our housekeeper, Linda. She had been with us since Mom moved in, since Dad filed for divorce. Mom didn’t know that Linda had the hugest crush on Dad. Linda told me that once when I had got her drunk, so she would let me leave and lie to Mom about where I was. I liked Linda.

“Miss Cat, your Mom be home from meeting in two hours,” Linda replied from somewhere upstairs. “She said you have important dinner tonight.”

“I’ll be back,” I repeated, because I would be back. Probably not in two hours, but I’d be back.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

“Cat! Cat! Cat!” everyone echoed, loud and crazily, but I couldn’t really hear them. It felt like their voices were blurs of the mind and their faces were all upside down. I closed my eyes for a second, feeling my body rise and fall over backward, crashing into a table. The screams died down and someone was breathing hot beer breath on my nose. I blinked my eyes open, seeing a spinning circle of faces.

“You went down hard!” Dave Hackles, the newest male model turned actor, peered down at me, reaching out a hand. I took it, wobbling as I began to stand up. He held onto me even when I got my footing, and it felt sort-of nice except my whole body was tingling with numbness and I was pretty sure I was missing my underwear. “Hey your Dad’s…”

“Darren Woodley,” I replied, my voice sounded hollow and faraway. “And you’re so attractive you might be gay!”

Everyone around us laughed, and Dave smirked, studying me. I could feel my body going slack, and his grip tightened around my waist. “I’m not gay,” he told me.

“Then do some shots with me!”

“You’re already plastered!” He chuckled, pulling me with him toward the back patio. A small crowd followed us, probably the people who were always invited but no one knew why. Rachel told me they reminded her of little puppy dogs, except they were all ugly.

“Does it look like I care?” I didn’t know what I looked like, exactly, I probably looked trashed, but he was still talking to me with those pretty eyes that were either light green or light blue or maybe they were hazel… It didn’t matter, I wouldn’t remember by tomorrow. “Tequila, stat!”

“Are you even twenty-one?” He questioned with a smile.

“That wouldn’t stop me-- or, I’m guessing, you-- but I’m twenty-two, smarta-s.”

He held up the bottle. “Okay then.” 

I grabbed the tray of limes, he opened the bottle, and the night turned to epic chaos. At least it probably was. I didn’t remember. That was Dave who had brought me home right? Or maybe it was that guy from that one Disney movie… It could’ve even been Lewis, one of Dad’s bodyguards who somehow always kept tabs on me.

Whatever. The tabloid sites would tell me some variation of the truth within four hours.

"Catherine! What the h-ll is this?!"

Or sooner.

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