When Allee found herself with an anachronistic relative on her hands, she knew she needed help. Enter Sarah "Semper" Crusoe, the history-obsessed sister of Allee's boyfriend. Sarah is your typical werewolf-next-door: translating Latin by day and roaming the suburbs (and eating terriers) as a giant furry beast during "that time of the month." Allee promised Sarah that she could pick Katie's brain for some first-hand historical experiences if Sarah promised to help hide her. Katie's medieval childhood did prove to be of some interest to Sarah, but as the weeks go on and she finds herself digging yet another grave (Jehova's Witness), she wonders if it might not be worth it.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY @semper-eadem!! I hoped to publish this on your actual birthday, but what can you do? I hope you had a fantastic one!

As I still had horror girls and B&W on the mind, this is the birthday set you got... sorry? I also hope you all like what I did with our last names. I tried to find someone that corresponded with our names and do some little tweaking to get a fairly cool pseudonym. @kitschywitchy, yours is the hardest to figure!

Also, if anyone else wants to be in our sitcom, let me know what kind of character you want to have, and I'll see what I can do.
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