So, first of all, this was supposed to have Princess and Vampy in it, too, but part way through the composition, I decided the color palette wasn’t working out. Princess and Vampy, expect your blood and water debut soon. 

Here we have Dr. Ashley Stevenson, was doing ground-breaking research on mood-regulation treatments until she took one of her treatments herself. The medicine that was supposed to remove all negativity from her mind nearly worked—instead it compartmentalized it. The normally straight-laced Ashley has found herself waking up hung over in clothes she didn’t know she had, with blood dried under her fingernails. What she does on her mysterious nighttime forays remain a complete mystery to her, but the fear of what she might be doing has distracted her from her research work. She is afraid that she might be responsible for the dozens of new missing persons that have cropped up in town, and as her investigation into her own actions continues, she becomes dangerously close to discovering Katie and Allee’s secrets. 

Thérèse Leroux was poised to be the best new ballerina in the last 20 years until, when preforming The Nutcracker in a charity event for sick orphans, the dancer playing the rat king accidentally took her eye out with his prop sword. After she was released from the hospital, Thérèse was never heard from again. Her New York City apartment was abandoned and none of her friends or family knew how to contact her. Thérèse, under a new identity, now teaches ballet to soccer moms and high school drop outs at the local community college. She is obsessed with seeking revenge on the man who ruined her career and spends all of her spare time plotting on the best way to bring him down.
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