Made for @gailwind's contest "~~ One Single Flower ~~" in the Eys of the Beholder group. (

The Blooms of Innocence blooms with a central flower, and then different petals sprout around it. This flower continues to flabbergast scientists, as the encircling petals grow with inscriptions of the plant owner's childhood dreams. How this occurs is an enigma, but the flower always manages to discover the owner's most innocent vocational dreams from his/her childhood and imprint them on the petals. When nurtured, multiple Blooms of Innocence will sprout and flourish in close quarters. This species has another amazing quality: their ever-changing aroma. The smell of the flower depends on the owner's childhood memories or preferences. The fumes alternate every so often. This particular species of flower is one that I wish I could have! Mine would look like the flower above, and smell like the mint toothpaste my father would always use, freshly cut grass, gasoline, coffee grinds, the early crispiness of Autumn, my mother's old Michael Kors perfume, perfectly sharpened pencils (the smell they retain after being sharpened), Pillsbury cookie dough, and cinnamon buns in the oven, among other aromas that stand out from my childhood.
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