hey I was tagged by @bowieplatypus (thank u!!)

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1. What is your outfit today? 
A floral skirt, grey sweater, and sneakers 

2. Do you keep a journal? nope

3. What would you love to spend the rest of your life doing?
 idk I want to be paid for being a loser slacker with no major life goals and/or mediocre musician

4. What food do you think is the best ever? 
Pickle flavored chips, halloween oreos, edamame 

5. Favorite place to read?
 I dont really read whoops

6. Current favorite music video? (Paste link here!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZAP0UJS-pw 

7. What is the craziest dream you ever had? 
I dreamt i hung out with jeff mangum in a parking lot and I couldnt remember his name

8. How did you discover Polyvore? 
I really dont remember but it was a long time ago

9. Is there something you want to share as advice with anyone? 
Being cool is the most important thing in life so don't let anyone tell u otherwise and dont be a nerd this is very important advice trust me

(wow I love answering these questions things ok)

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Wrote three years ago
@lipstickjunkie thank u friend

Wrote three years ago
I feel this



Song Titles

Song Titles

Welcome create songs about songs

weirdos united

weirdos united

to those who fearlessly propagate your style despite the raised eyebrows of the uneducated public: welcome.

Thrift Store Baby.

Thrift Store Baby.

Are you the kind of girl who doesn't exactly shop at the mall, but shop's your heart out at thrift stores and garage sales? You believe you were born in the wrong decade? You think you're a gramma, but you're really not? Yeah, me too. I'm a thrift store baby, and so are you.
join my other groups...wendy bird,
& Moon child.
& for the odd duckling, random acts of weirdness!

the cool table

the cool table

come sit with us
post whatever you want here, you can invite friends to join if you want
✧・゚:*✧・゚:*stay cool guys*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

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