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Name: Aiyanna 'Anna' Everst
Age/Birthday: 21; November 26, 1990
Known as: The one with swag
Favourite song: Turn My Swag On | Keri Hilson version
"If you be hatin', Just be mad at yourself, I bet you think this song is about you, Don't you (yeah), But this ain't about you"
Occupation: waitress at Nobu
Likes: denim, statement sunglasses, red lipstick, air jordans, slouch beanies, bodysuits, studded leather, tattoos, chipped nail varnish, black coffee, late nights
Dislikes: melbourne weather, cheap lingerie, tea, early mornings, liars, fake tans, frills, prudes, failure, classical music, broken hearts
Musical inspiration: Keri Hilson, Ciara and Ne-Yo
Biography: Aiyanna became the girl she is today as a result of her childhood. Though she looks upon her past and cringes, she reminds herself that she's become stronger and much more powerful. Aiyanna was a victim of bullying; it became a continious occurance for five years, beginning in her last years of primary school and creeping into high school. The endless names taunted her a regular basis, causing Anna to believe what she had been told. Aiyanna never confessed to her family of the growing problem, she was never the type to speak of emotions, she believed it made her weak. But it really became a problem when Aiyanna's 'dieting' didn't work and she turned to an unhealthy alternative. Aiyanna seeked help, after noticing what was left of herself and to her surprise, her family were a guide through the process. Aiyanna's a tough woman, though she has moments when she feels weak, but now she wants to help others who are a victim of bullying. Anna hopes that through the help of her music, she can inspire teenagers around the world and become a role model.
Hidden talent: Aiyanna is an incredible dancer though she prefers not to perform in front of others, especially as her older sister is at a professional level of dancing. Anna would be viewed as trying to 'steal the spotlight.' Anna also is very good at inspirational speeches and hopes to help teenagers who are suffering, like she once did.
Relationship status: Single- but mixed emotions on a certain boy
Model: Rita Ora

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