Oh my god.
I've found my dream school.

Haha I've lived near the campus since forever, yet I've come to realize just recently how PERFECT it is for me and how I'd fit in there so well since I'd like a science major. I love the campus, the awesome facilities and most of all the atmosphere. It's like you're surrounded by smart students and professors and the science atmosphere is just amazing. They have awesome bookstores and god wow I'd love taking classes there. It might be nerdy there, but I freaking love it.

I can only picture myself in MIT, Princeton, and Harvard. :P I've wanted to go to Harvard ever since I was a toddler (hey, doesn't everyone have that aspiration?), and I still do. It's an amazing school and it's very diverse with something exciting happening everyday, and Princeton's pretty cool too. :P
I would be so freaking happy if one of these schools accepted me. However, people saying that you need an ivy education is a lie. So I guess I'll make the best of it at a state school or lesser known college if I'm not accepted to any ivies :) 
Can't picture myself in Yale. Applying for my mom's sake since she freaking loves Yale, but I really don't see any connection with that school. Heh, maybe that'll change as time goes by.
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