Courtesy of the Blue Heaven Restaurant, this appetizer is one of the most requested and it is surprisingly good but the directions have to be followed closely. It is easy and quick and has lots of eye appeal. 

•minced garlic
•diced tomatoes
•chopped onions
•sliced mushrooms
•white wine
•butter slices

1.The trick to making this is to use a VERY hot pan to sear the scallops - then quickly add the minced garlic - it is the quick cooking of the scallops and garlic that give this dish the dark color for the sauce - it is a tricky dish to make.

2.Then add the diced tomatoes, onion and mushrooms -- this cools the pan down enough so the scallops and garlic stop cooking.

3.The tricky part is cooking the scallops and garlic long enough in the VERY hot pan to brown them but not burn them - adding the tomato first helps cool it down, then the onions & mushrooms and cook a minute or two -- then add some white wine.

4.Simmer for a minute or so longer, remove from heat and add cold butter and swirl to finish the sauce.

Blue Heaven is my favorite eatery in Key West. I have a few more of their recipes to share in the future. If you ever make it down there, don't miss eating here, it's to die for!!

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