15+ Asian Movies Challenge
47. Hindsight (Blue Salt)
Drama/ Action
Country: South Korea
Directed by: Lee Hyun-Seung


Doo-Hun (Song Kang-Ho) is a retired gangster boss who confronts a mysterious woman named Se-Bin (Shin Se-Kyeong). Se-Bin is a 20 year old assassin sent to kill Doo-Hun. Things become more complicated when the retired mob boss and sexy assassin start to develop feelings for each other ...
(source: asianwiki.com)

I have mixed feeling about this movie; firstly the action - that is actually pretty good, especially car race between main characters and the assassin - appears mostly near the end of the movie;

the first half is filled more with romance, and I think for a movie about gangsters it's a bit too much to show for most of the time the characters cooking.

Definitely the weakest point is Shin Se-Kyung and her monotone expression - to the point I would call her Korean's Bella, and this isn't a compliment.

On the other hand, the strongest point is Song Kang-Ho; he is indeed amazing actor, and he could play well all his scenes.

Also the supporting cast, especially madame Kang, with her ridiculous hairstyle, looked to comical for this kind of movie. 

All scenes showing Se-bin (Shin Se-Kyung) and her friend friendship were absolutely unnecessary, making the movie too long.

I would recommend watching it for Song Kang-Ho and watching him cooking, and then killing:)
A romance-action-melodrama you can watch when you have spare time but nothing really memorable. And I have a feeling they tried to make a gangster movie for 'girls', especially the ending looks like one that satisfies all 'happy endings lovers', one that girls like. (or maybe boys likes that endings too?)

On side note, T-ARA's 'Cry Cry' and Lovey Dovey MVs were inspired by this film, to the point of copying characters hairstyles! 


And some scenes were, ekhem copied ekhem, inspired by this movie; it really makes me lost my respect for Cry Cry/ Lovey Dovey, even though those MVs have bit ridiculous plot, I thought it was a bit more original.
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