Blue and Yellow or Yellow&Blue (whichever one u prefer)

The moral of the story is; you can never go wrong with blue and yellow.
  • From H&M with love
    "My first blue & yellow. Color is great together and most of the things in this set are low prices from H&M. Never go wrong with H&M." — @angeliedesir
  • NYFW -day1
    "I love this great set by @ my-world-in-colors. Very simple, yet very sophisticated." — @angeliedesir
  • Alexander McQueen Shoe
    "This set by @ angkclaxton WOWed me when I saw it. Everything in the set falls in place perfectly, n that dress is just so gorgeous." — @angeliedesir
  • Youth In Revolt
    "I'm not crazy about gabardine, but I couldn't help but fall in love with this set by @ yamyiy, not only is the combination gorgeous, I love the blouse n the shoes combination." — @angeliedesir
  • Color Theory with Meredith Wendell
    "@ lovereplovefashionlovemyself added this bold skirt color to the blue top and and yellow blazer makes this set a must." — @angeliedesir
  • Flower Power
    "Anytime you combine blue and yellow together you bound to get something beautiful. I love how @ queenranya add the yellow purse to the set and that makes the set pop." — @angeliedesir
  • colours
    "This set right here is so bold by @ melinagrc. I love the added red to the yellow n blue combination, makes it even better." — @angeliedesir
  • You've Got The Words To Change A Nation,But You're Biting Your Tongue
    "I love this set by @ antemore-765. The color is just so gorgeous and these shoes are beautiful." — @angeliedesir
  • Yellow
    "Anytime you add oversize sweater or top with skinny jeans, you're good in my book. Now, this combination by @ varin2303 is my style." — @angeliedesir
  • Color Splash <3
    "Another beautiful combination by @ sadia-ahmed. Skinny jeans and sweater, I'd probably add something under the top because I'm so cold right now, but this set is beautiful." — @angeliedesir
  • Confident Colours
    "This set by @ josiew6 is just beautiful. I'd probably accessorize it differently, but the set is beautiful." — @angeliedesir
  • VD
    "Gorgeous set by @ barbarela11. I love that stripe top and the necklace. The idea I get from this is I can combine blue n/or yellow with this top and it'd be gorgeous." — @angeliedesir
  • Untitled #888
    "@ renee-switzer creates this so perfectly. The shoes are gorgeous and the set seems simple, but there's so much sophistication and elegance there." — @angeliedesir
  • Sem título #190
    "Another great set by @ itsanacarolina. The color combination is just gorgeous and I want that blazer :-)" — @angeliedesir
  • Peep Toes
    "Great set by @ nuria-pellisa-salvado. I love everything about this set. Beautiful dress and these shoes are just so gorgeous." — @angeliedesir
  • Baby i loved u first!!!!
    "This color combination is just so beautiful. @ yadi-acosta added the necklace which makes the set even better." — @angeliedesir
  • Untitled #876
    "I'll be honest, I'm not crazy about the dress (it's just not my style), but the the set by @ browneyegurl is beautiful and that blazer is just gorgeous." — @angeliedesir
  • Jade Thirlwall's Outfit
    "This set by @ addictsmiles speaks for itself. Simply beautiful." — @angeliedesir
  • Pretty Thing
    "I love this Jacket and combining it with the yellow dress is just beautiful by @ pilar-elena. Beautiful set." — @angeliedesir
  • Blue and Gold
    "This set is just gorgeous. I love love this skirt (can't afford it though (lol), I have a few similar ones). Everything in this set by @ hydrangea4 just falls in place so perfectly.
    1st place on the DANNIJO jewelry contest. Congrats. Very well earn." — @angeliedesir
  • STEAL HIS STYLE- Prabal Gurung
    "This set by @ thilika is fierce. Out of my price range, but everything in this set just falls in place beautifully, plus I own that skirt. I love it." — @angeliedesir
  • Shining the star
    "The thing about yellow and blue is, they don't need a lot of each other to be connected. The simplest thing, like this yellow scarf in the set makes it even better with the blue. This set by @ giko-is-giantsister is just bold and gorgeous." — @angeliedesir
  • Valentine
    "This set by @ lizart is simple, yet very elegant. And these shoes are just gorgeous." — @angeliedesir
  • yellow <3 :D the colours <3 ahh :*
    "@ teezee-muah makes this so perfect with the bold blouse and that beautiful purse. Adding these 2 to the yellow-blue combination screams "boldness."" — @angeliedesir
  • Lovely :)
    "This dress is just gorgeous. The set, created by @ doggiegirlmad is beautiful. I'd just add some crazy accessories with it to c what happens." — @angeliedesir
  • Christian Loboutin
    "@ hamaly does it so beautifully with this set. Adding the pink blouse and these gorgeous shoes is just genius. Bold set and just gorgeous." — @angeliedesir
  • Who's that Girl? She is Cara Delevingne !
    "Great set by @ newyorkismysoul. The combination is great and bold. It's just gorgeous." — @angeliedesir
  • Udobuy - contest.
    "Gorgeous set by @ lagomera and it's somewhat in my price range too.I love it" — @angeliedesir
  • Bonne Année 2013
    "This is by me, I was still trying to to get the hang of polyvore." — @angeliedesir


Wrote three years ago
Thank you, thank you so much for including my set to this fabulous collection ♥.♥

Wrote three years ago
Thank for adding my set! :)

Wrote three years ago
the collection is inspiring your comments as well !
thank you for adding my set

Wrote three years ago
thanks for add my set ^-^ this collection is wonderfull


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